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OCT 20, 2020 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Nottingham, UK

Asmodee Entertainment are delighted to announce that Aconyte, the new fiction imprint of global games group Asmodee, has secured a multi-year agreement with Cephalofair Games to create brand new fantasy novels set in the world of their acclaimed GLOOMHAVEN games.

Created by maverick game designer Isaac Childres, Gloomhaven debuted in early 2017 and quickly became recognized as one of the top fantasy games ever – it currently sits at  #1 on’s all-time best games chart. Collected together in a massive box stuffed with exquisite plastic miniatures, floorplans, rules, and an intriguing selection of sealed boxes, it offers an unparalleled fantasy gaming experience. Players are a motley selection of mercenaries, drawn into strange events in the town of Gloomhaven, as dark powers start a move to seize control. Decisions at each stage as the plot unfolds send players down unforeseen paths towards new adventures, as the game builds across many sessions into a deeply involving tabletop campaign.

The sequel, Frosthaven, is expected to take players north to a previously unexplored ice-choked outpost in 2021. The game’s Kickstarter, run early this year, set a new record, with close to $13 million pledged by the time it closed. Aconyte plans to publish novels in both the Gloomhaven and Frosthaven settings. The first Gloomhaven novel is expected to hit shops in summer 2021, with further volumes already being planned.


Aconyte publisher Marc Gascoigne commented: “Gloomhaven is one of the most impressive new games, and game worlds, of recent times. The immense success of the  Frosthaven launch has pushed interest in this incredible fantasy world to a fever pitch. We can’t wait to bring fans new adventures and legends from Gloomhaven and beyond.”

Cephalofair’s CEO Isaac Childres said: “I am very excited to see experienced writers take on the world of Gloomhaven, and really drill deep into the lore to come up with thematic and engaging stories that are harder to tell in a board game format.”

As part of its ambitious mission to set up exciting new content platforms for both wholly owned and top-flight third-party properties, Asmodee Entertainment have recently announced Aconyte’s plans to produce novels set in the worlds of some of Asmodee’s most popular games and a host of characters from the Marvel comics universe. The imprint’s mission is to go beyond tie-in fiction and novelizations, to produce vibrant stories with richly imagined characters in living, deeply realised settings. The list debuted in early September 2020, with sales and distribution handled by Simon & Schuster.


About Asmodee Entertainment

Asmodee Entertainment is a platform of games publisher and distributor Asmodee. Its mission is to extend Asmodee’s intellectual properties into TV/film, novels and comics, location-based-entertainment, and consumer products, working closely with Asmodee Boardgames and Asmodee Digital. Through best-in-class partnerships across the full spectrum of opportunities, Asmodee Entertainment will create truly global intellectual properties and brands. Find out more at

About Asmodee

Asmodee Group is a leading international games publisher and distributor committed to telling amazing stories through great games with many millions of games sold in more than 50 countries. Through our portfolio of iconic game titles, including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Splendor, KeyForge, Dobble/Spot it! and Star Wars: X-Wing, we create a dynamic transmedia experience for players across a variety of digital and physical platforms. Asmodee also creates inspiring and innovative products in partnership with leading entertainment and technology companies. Asmodee operates in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia and is headquartered in Guyancourt, France. Learn more at

About Cephalofair Games

Cephalofair Games is the independent board game publisher responsible for the massively popular game Gloomhaven, as well as its spin-offs, expansions, and sequels, including the highly anticipated Frosthaven, set to release in Q3 2021. Cephalofair Games was founded in 2014 by Isaac Childres as a hobby project, and it has quickly grown to a powerful force in the board game community, selling hundreds of thousands of games with a staff of four. See more at


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