Asmodee Italy are bringing our books to the MCU!

The Asmodee Italia team announced it yesterday afternoon and we’re letting you know in case you missed it that our Marvel prose novels are being translated to Italian, yay! This extends the multi-year partnership that we already have with the team for our range of game-based novels.

Asmodee Italia has already published Italian editions of several gaming titles in the Marvel universe, such as Marvel Champions: The Card Game and X-Men: Mutant Insurrection. Massimo Bianchini, Country Manager of Asmodee Italia said: “Publishing the novels of the Marvel line in Italy is an exciting goal for us. We deeply love the Marvel universe and are thrilled to make our payoff, Great Games, Amazing Stories, even more authentic.”

The first Aconyte novels in Italian editions will arrive in late July 2021, beginning with Domino: Strays and the X-Men adventure Liberty & Justice for All. New titles will appear at regular intervals, building into a full range of new adventures that give even more depth to the heroes of the Marvel universe, and will be appreciated by both long-time fans and new readers.


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