BIG Spring/Summer title announcement!

It’s been a while since we gave you a BIG update on the behind-the-scenes work going on here at Aconyte. You’ve all been very patient and as such, we thought it about time we reward you with a GIGANTIC list of really cool sounding titles coming in the spring and summer. The dates below are for the US and global ebook on-sale publication days, the UK on-sale date is currently in-flux due to COVID-restrictions here. While we are praying to The Great Old Ones that they arrive 1 month after the US on-sale date, some may arrive 6-8 weeks afterward.

Over the coming months, we’ll release more information about them including the amazing covers that you have come to expect from us. So whether you’re waiting for the next mystery with Diadoji Shin, an epic battle with heroes in Asgard, or an intergalactic tale of space exploration, you’ll not have to wait long for more information. There’s more to come as we enter the end of the year as well, we really are spoiling you, you lucky lucky readers.

Our Marvel line-up is set to expand the epic tales we began in 2020 with a whole bunch of astounding new Super Hero stories. The range continues to feature new heroines, and Asgardian legends, as well as a new strand that shows off some well-known Heroes from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Which ones are you most looking forward to reading first?

MAY. Marvel Heroines: Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest, by Cath Lauria.

Smart-mouthed monster hunter extraordinaire, Elsa Bloodstone isn’t easily fazed, but a shocking family revelation sends her down a bloody path, in this witty and action-soaked Marvel Heroines adventure.

JULY. Crisis Protocol: Target: Kree, by Stuart Moore.

The Guardians of the Galaxy team up with Iron Man & Ms. Marvel in a desperate search for a planet-killer, in this action-packed novel set in the world of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol game.

AUGUST. Legends of Asgard: The Serpent & the Dead, by Anna Stephens.

Someone is building an army of immortals and stealing souls, and it is up to Asgard’s extraordinary duo Brunnhilde the Valkyrie and Lady Sif to battle across the Ten Realms and try and stop it, in this epic fantasy adventure set in Marvel’s Legends of Asgard.

Expanding our range of well-known and beloved Fantasy Flight Games fiction we have some new short stories of eldritch horror and mystery in the roaring 1920s, as well as fan-favourites of the Emerald Empire, Shin & Kasami, and a sequel to Tim Pratt’s story of interplanetary politics.

JUNE. Legend of the Five Rings: Death’s Kiss, by Josh Reynolds.

Nobleman sleuth Daidoji Shin returns for a brilliant new investigation deep in the Emerald Empire, in this exciting novel set in the fantastical world of Legend of the Five Rings.

JULY. Arkham Horror: The Devourer Below. An anthology, edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells.

The city of Arkham falls prey to ghoulish dread in this chilling anthology of mystery & pulp adventure, from the bestselling world of Arkham Horror.

AUGUST. Twilight Imperium: The Necropolis Empire, by Tim Pratt.

A brave starship crew is drawn into the schemes of interplanetary powers competing for galactic domination, in the epic sequel to The Fractured Void, from the legendary game, Twilight Imperium.

We are very excited to announce the first in a new trilogy set in the incredibly popular Assassin’s Creed video-game world, following fan-favourite assassin, Shao Jun.

JULY. Assassin’s Creed: The Ming Storm, by Yan Leisheng.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ming Storm by Yan Leisheng

The Ming dynasty becomes a battleground for the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Order of the Templars in this blockbuster action novel from a previously unexplored part of the beloved Assassin’s Creed universe. You can read more about this title here.

Our first title in Fryxgames’ Terraforming Mars setting. The board game is a firm favourite with gamers, staying high in the Board Game Geek charts for months at a time. Our first novel will focus on planetary colonization on an alien planet with a new hostile environment.

AUGUST. Terraforming Mars: In the Shadow of Deimos, by Jane Killick.

Mars is the new frontier for humanity, as we launch an epic saga of inspiring planetary colonization set in the award-winning Terraforming Mars board game

That’s all for now folks! Cover reveals will be coming in the next few months so keep an eye on our social media. We would love to hear which ones you are most excited about, let us know on Twitter and Facebook now!

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  1. What happened to the Gloomhaven novel that was supposed to be summer of 2021?

    1. Hi there!
      Gloomhaven has had to be pushed back until the Fall due to author commitments and illness. Unavoidable in the current situation sadly, but don’t worry, it is coming!

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