Hola! Minotauro is bringing Aconyte Titles to Spain

Yes, you read it right, our novels are finally coming to Spanish readers in Europe and Central/South America thanks to Minotauro!

The first titles will explore the eldritch horrors of the 1920s with pulp noir mysteries in Arkham Horror and the entertaining Japanese-inspired fantasy of samurai and magic that is Legend of the Five Rings. Further novels from the worlds of Pandemic, Twilight Imperium, and KeyForge will follow so don’t worry. We are so happy to bring these stories to Spanish-speaking readers, we know you’ve been asking us on Twitter and we’ve had to keep the secret so long!

Vicky Hidalgo, Minotauro’s editor-in-chief, said: “We are delighted to work with the wonderful team at Asmodee to offer to Spanish readers this brand new collection of novels based on their favourite games. Aconyte is a brilliant new member of our long list of licenses related to roleplaying and board games, which have been an essential part of our catalogue for more than 40 years.”


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