My Journey to Catan, a Memoir by Klaus Teuber is finally (almost) here!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the upcoming release date of My Journey to Catan, the luxury limited edition of the memoir by CATAN creator Klaus Teuber.

Before CATAN was published in 1995 and later became a household title and pop-culture touchstone, Klaus Teuber was a dental technician with a young family who, like so many people, was working the daily grind to keep the family afloat and the bills paid. But the work was not satisfying to his soul. His refuge was the time he spent in his basement developing board games.

Starting with his early life, Teuber details his enthralling journey from the dental lab to amateur board game designer to the brilliant idea that revolutionized the game world and changed his life forever. It’s more than a story about the origins of a board game – it’s about an ordinary man in pursuit of extraordinary dreams.

This special English-language hardcover edition is strictly limited to just 1,000 copies. Each book comes in a luxury slipcase and is illustrated throughout with previously-unseen photos. Every book is individually numbered and hand-signed by Klaus Teuber himself. 


The project was revealed in Sept. 2020 at UK Games Expo online and since then My Journey to Catan has had its own lengthy journey to launch…

“We’re so delighted this special book is here! It faced extraordinary hurdles at every point of production: everything from COVID-hit printers to paper and cardboard shortages, and then the ongoing global container shipping crisis — you name it, we had to solve for it to get the book out to fans,” said Marc (aka. The Boss). “We’re proud of the flexibility and determination of our teams to get this book to market — and proud too of the singular story of inspiration and perseverance that this memoir contains.”

This strictly limited edition collector’s item of My Journey to Catan can be pre-ordered from Asmodee USA and the Catan Store, and you can find out more on where to buy here.

Publish Date: Dec. 3, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-83908-039-5

US $79.95 USD


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