Spring 2022 Title Announcement!

We’re back again with a 2022 sneak peek of the titles coming to bookshops, FLGs, and ebooks in the Spring. Over the coming months, we’ll be releasing the amazing covers that you have come to expect from us. So, whether you’re waiting for another story from Viking raided England, an untold story of everyone’s favourite villain, or a new action-packed thriller of spies and conspiracy you’ll not have to wait long to get your pre-orders in.

The pub dates quoted below are the US paperback and global ebook on-sale publication days. The UK on-sale date is a month behind as the books travel on their first adventure across the sea.

JANUARYMarvel: Untold – Reign of the DevourerDavid Annandale
Legend of the Five Rings – To Chart the CloudsEvan Dicken
FEBRUARYArkham Horror: Grim Investigations – the Collected Novellas vol 2Jennifer Brozek, Richard Lee Byers, Amanda Downum
Zombicide: Invaders – Planet HavocTim Waggoner
Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s The Division – RecruitedThomas Parrott
Marvel: Legends of Asgard – Three SwordsC L Werner
MARCHMarvel: Heroines – Black Cat: DiscordCath Lauria
Assassins Creed Valhalla – Sword of the White HorseElsa Sjunneson
Arkham Horror – The Deadly GrimoireRosemary Jones
APRILDescent: Legends of the Dark – ZacharethRobbie MacNiven
Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – FirewallJames Swallow
Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Shadow AvengersCarrie Harris

Our Marvel line-up is set to expand even further with epic tales and new Super Hero stories. The range continues to feature new heroines and Asgardian legends, as well as another look at everyone’s favourite villain in our Untold line. Make sure you check Marvel.com regularly to see the new covers first! Which ones are you most looking forward to reading first?

JANUARY. Marvel: Untold – The Reign of the Devourer, by David Annandale

The notorious Doctor Doom is back and this time his endless craving for power unleashes a soul-destroying plague on the world. Doom must choose between seizing this power for himself or destroying it before his realm is no more.

FEBRUARY.  Marvel: Legends of Asgard – Three Swords, by C L Werner.

The Warriors Three must traverse space and time to save their realm from magical villainy where things are not all that they seem, in this swashbuckling fantasy adventure from Marvel’s Legends of Asgard.

MARCH. Marvel: Heroines – Black Cat: Discord, by Cath Lauria.

Legendary super-thief Black Cat takes on legendary heroes and mob secrets in this electrifying heist novel from Marvel Heroines, and it’ll take all nine lives to wriggle out of this one intact.

APRIL. Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Shadow Avengers, by Carrie Harris

Earth is on course for a devastating invasion from the Dark Dimension, forcing the world’s mightiest heroes into an unthinkable alliance, in this heart-stopping new novel in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol series.

Descent Legends of the Dark

We have a new epic tale that ties into the new Decent game, Legends of the. Expanding on the lore of Terrinoth that you and your friends will experience in-game. You can also read Robbie’s short background stories for the 6 new Heroes of Terrinoth over on the FFG website here.

APRIL. Descent: Legends of the Dark – Zachareth, by Robbie MacNiven

The first in an exciting new series of heroic fantasy novels, Zachareth, explores the past of one of Descent: Legends of the Dark’s most notorious villains.

We return to Arkham, with volume 2 of our collected novellas, and Betsy Baxter, from Mask of Silver, gets her own investigation to follow.

FEBRUARY. Arkham Horror: Grim Investigations – the Collected Novellas vol 2

The bold investigators of Arkham Horror are humanity’s best hope against monstrous terrors from beyond the void, in this second collection of extraordinary eldritch novellas.

MARCH. Arkham Horror – The Deadly Grimoire, by Rosemary Jones

A daring actress and a barnstorming pilot team up to save the world from supernatural disaster in this uncanny pulp adventure set in the world of Arkham Horror.

We start the year off with a Scorpion and Lion clan rivalry when a diligent, yet unappreciated clerk develops a new form map-making technique.

JANUARY. Legend of the Five Rings – To Chart the Clouds, by Evan Dicken

Border tensions between rival samurai clans escalate into war over a hidden valley, in this fantasy epic from the breathtaking world of Legend of the Five Rings.

Our second Zombicide novel is set in outer space with guns going “pew pew” and Xenos alien zombies going “arrrrrr!”

FEBRUARY. Zombicide: Invaders – Planet Havoc, by Tim Waggoner

Scoundrels and soldiers band together to survive the onslaught of alien zombies spreading across the galaxy in this riotous adventure from the bestselling game, Zombicide: Invader.

Book one of a new series, Operation: Rogue Network, Recruited introduces previously unseen factions and enemies that will be present in future The Division games.

FEBRUARY. Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Recruited, by Thomas Parrott

A newly recruited agent is the Strategic Homeland Division’s best hope to prevent a nefarious plot from ripping the agency apart, in this brand new post-apocalyptic thriller from Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Our next title in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla series portrays the events directly following the end of the bestselling video game set in the era of Viking conquest.

MARCH. Assassins Creed Valhalla – Sword of the White Horse, by Elsa Sjunneson

A Celtic warrior defending her people from Viking raiders infiltrates an ancient sect to save her homeland, in this gripping original saga set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Firewall brings Tom Clancy’s beloved Sam Fischer back in a never-before-seen way: as mentor and teacher, in the first of a new ongoing series.

APRIL. Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – Firewall, By James Swallow

Legendary agent Sam Fisher teams up with a new NSA recruit – his own daughter – to save the world in this gripping new thriller from the renowned Splinter Cell videogame universe.



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