UK Publication Update

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

Today we have a special message for our UK fans. Due to the effects of the usual suspects (gestures out the window at the plague-ravaged, and now mostly snow-covered, wasteland, sighs heavily then turns back to the laptop…), our shipments of books from the US are taking longer than usual to get to us here in the UK, so we’re having to push British release dates back a few weeks. 

Here’s what our release schedule for paperback editions now looks like.

Title Author New Date  
Arkham Horror: The Last Ritual S A Sidor January 21st, 2021  
Twilight Imperium: The Fractured Void Tim Pratt January 21st, 2021  
Marvel: Xavier’s Institute: Liberty & Justice For All Carrie Harris January 21st, 2021  
Legend of the Five Rings: Poison River Josh Reynolds February 18th, 2021  
Marvel: Untold: The Harrowing of Doom David Annandale February 18th, 2021  
Arkham Horror: Mask of Silver Rosemary Jones March 18th, 2021  
Marvel: Legends of Asgard: The Sword of Surtur C L Werner March 18th, 2021  
Descent: The Shield of Daqan David Guymer April 15th, 2021  
Legend of the Five Rings: The Night Parade of 100 Demons Marie Brennan April 15th, 2021  
Marvel: Xavier’s Institute: First Team Robbie MacNiven April 15th, 2021  
Arkham Horror: Litany of Dreams Ari Marmell May 13th, 2021 (no change)  
Keyforge: The Qubit Zirconium Cath Lauria May 13th, 2021 (no change)  
Marvel: Heroines: Rogue: Untouched Alisa Kwitney May 13th, 2021  

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to sort matters beyond our control (premature grey hairs anyone?!) And of course, if you’re feeling particularly impatient for a specific title of ours, a reminder that ebook versions are always available alongside the US publication dates.

We appreciate your patience during this stressful time and urge you to stay safe, stay home, and read a good book!

1 thought on “UK Publication Update

  1. While it’s bad news, good books are worth waiting for.
    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.

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