Ubisoft - Day Zero, the Watch Dogs Legion Prequel Novel

Watch Dog: Legion DAY ZERO. An Interview with Josh Reynolds

Today we are taking a look at Watch Dogs: Legion DAY ZERO by James Swallow and Josh Reynolds. We got to sit down with Josh and chat a little with him about writing our very first Ubisoft title.

A secretive resistance movement is the last line of defense in this heart-pounding prequel to 2020’s most-anticipated video game release, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero by James Swallow and Josh ReynoldsBike messenger and wannabe troublemaker Olly Soames is the newest recruit to DedSec’s Resistance movement, but when a stranger is shot dead in front of him, he realizes that danger is closer than he thinks…

Sarah Lincoln is an aggressive young politician with questionable methods and big ambitions, and when a string of murders unfolds in her borough, it may be the opportunity she has been looking for to make a name for herself…

Ex-MMA fighter turned leg-breaker Ro Hayes is in deep with the vicious Clan Kelley, the most brutal organized crime firm in the city’s underworld, and her survival rests on uncovering a dead man’s secrets…

And for Danny, Ro’s estranged brother and former soldier, his new career with private military contractor Albion is leading him down a very dark path, toward choices he may never be able to take back…

Four lives are drawn into a murderous conspiracy that threatens to destroy Dedsec and plunge the city of London into chaos. Something very bad is going down in London town…


Were you already a fan of the Watch Dogs games before writing this?

I was only vaguely familiar with the franchise prior to starting work on the novel, though I made it a point to familiarise myself with the games before setting down word one. I’ve become a fan since though, frankly, I’m terrible at the game. Really, the only time I was any good at a video game was my brief but memorable Altered Beast hot-streak at the arcade in the summer of ’90. Only took me a buck fifty, but it was worth it.

Day Zero is a prequel to events in the new Watch Dogs: Legion game, what are the key things that readers need to know when starting this story? Can a reader new to the franchise read this with no prior knowledge?

It was our intention that the book should serve as something of an introduction to the setting, as well as the franchise itself. As far as key things readers should know…the basics should do it. The world has gone sour, and only the anarcho-hacker collective known as Dedsec can sort things out, using a combination of technological know-how and an utter lack of respect for authority. Other than that, you should be able to pick up the book and enjoy it!

The book (and game) are set in a darkly dystopian London, just a few years from now. What appeals to you about this world to write in?

It was utterly unlike anything I’ve written previously. While I’ve contributed to my share of dystopic settings the immediacy of this one, with all its unpleasant familiarity, made for an interesting change of pace from the grim darkness of the far and future and suchlike. It’s that familiarity that’s appealing to me, taking the world we live in and making it just the tiniest bit worse, just to play with the possibilities.


JOSH REYNOLDS is the author of over thirty novels and numerous short stories, including the wildly popular Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. He grew up in South Carolina and now lives in Sheffield, UK.


Watch Dogs: Legion: DAY ZERO is out now in the UK & USA

Paperback ISBN: 9781839080487

ebook ISBN: 9781839080494

Ubisoft - Day Zero, the Watch Dogs Legion Prequel Novel


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