You asked, we listened, and now you can listen too!

Since we launched in September 2020 we’ve had loads of queries as to audiobooks. The original plan was to release audio along with paperback and ebook, but then… everything happened… so plans had to change. We announced in September that we would be bringing you new audiobooks before the end of the year and we’re delighted to say we’ve been able to keep that promise thanks to our awesome partnership with Tantor & Recorded Books.

Coming to your ears next week we have 3 titles, with a plan to release more in the following weeks. You’ll find them available for pre-order on Audible,,, Google, Apple/iTunes, Storytel, and all other major distributors within your territory. How cool is that!?

An excerpt of Terraforming Mars: In the Shadow of Deimos, by Jane Killick and read by Brian Holden is available on NetGalley for one week only in the run-up to the release on December 7th. With that release, we also have Legend of the Five Rings: Poison River and Arkham Horror: Wrath of N’kai, both by Josh Reynolds.







Later on in the month, we’ll also have Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero, KeyForge: Tales from the Crucible, L5R: Curse of Honor, Twilight Imperium: The Fractured Void, and Arkham Horror: The Last Ritual. Descent: The Doom of Fallowhearth and Assassin’s Creed: The Ming Storm will be creeping in just before the New Year.

We’ll be updating our website to include direct links to these titles very soon. But for now, you can find them by searching in your favorite audiobook app or webpage.

So start saving those Audible credits and get ready for Aconyte Books in your ears while you run, commute, lie in bed, paint miniatures, or work. We are so excited about this partnership and the ability to make our stories even more accessible to fans!


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