Marvel Heroines: Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren

Domino: Strays

A Marvel Heroines Novel

Domino: Strays

A Marvel Heroines Novel

By Tristan Palmgren

Sharp-witted, luck-wrangling mercenary Domino takes on both a dangerous cult and her own dark past, in this explosive introduction to the new series of Marvel prose novels

The job: infiltrate a Chicago conman’s cult to liberate some brainwashed twins. For former X-Force operative Domino, that’s a flat “no”. Fanatics are bad news. She still suffers from nightmares about Project Armageddon, the Super-Soldier program that wrecked her life and destroyed her family. If only she’d had someone to help her back then, someone… like her. Maybe it is time to finally face those demons. With her mutant powers she can turn even the worst of situations to her advantage.

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It isn’t easy being extraordinary. Superhuman powers can be both a gift and a curse in a world where those talents can be used for good or evil. A lucky few are taught how to control their abilities at the Charles Xavier Institute, while others must master their uniquely dangerous powers alone. Will they become true heroes and heroines when called upon to defend the world, or turn their fearsome abilities to conquering the world? Meanwhile, in a realm beyond Earth, mighty heroes do battle with monsters of myth and undertake quests to restore peace and honor to the legendary halls of Asgard and the Ten Realms.

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Publication Details

Page Count: 336pp
Cover Art: Joey Hi-Fi
Genre: Science Fiction

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: October 6, 2020
UK On Sale Date: December 10, 2020
Paperback ISBN: 9781839080500
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: October 6, 2020
ebook ISBN: 9781839080517

About the Author

TRISTAN PALMGREN is the author of the critically acclaimed genre-warping blend of historical fiction and space opera novel Quietus, and its sequel Terminus. They have been a clerk, a factory technician, a university lecturer, a cashier, a secretary, a retail manager, a rural coroner’s assistant. In their lives on parallel Earths, they have been an ant farm tycoon, funeral home enthusiast, professional con-artist impersonator, laser pointer chaser, and the person who somehow landed a trademark for the word “Avuncular.” Jealous. They live with their partner in Salem, Virginia.

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Interviews and Articles

“I love Domino’s voice. From the start, I knew this story had to be told in the first person. She’s sharp, she’s funny, and she’s punchy. I loved spending time with her, and just letting her talk. The big draw of a prose novel about Domino is getting a chance to spend more time with that voice than comics could allow.”
Track of Words, Interview with Tristan Palmgren, author of Domino: Strays shared the first chapters of Domino: Strays.

“I started reading Gail Simone & David Baldeón’s 2018 Domino – and its follow-up, 2019’s Domino: Hotshots – and fell in love with Domino’s voice.”
Xavier Files, Interview with Tristan Palmgren, author of Domino: Strays

“Awesome new fiction coming this October starring Domino and Heimdall!” Marvel and Aconyte Books Reveal First ’Heroines’ and ’Legends of Asgard’ Prose Novels



“This book is bangin’! If you miss Domino from our run, she’s back, with a great espionage/thriller take. Tristan Palmgren nailed it!”
Gail Simone, author of Domino Vol 1 and Hotshots

“An action-packed blast of balletic violence and snappy dialogue with an unexpectedly thoughtful, psychological core… All told it’s tremendously entertaining and compulsively readable, with a wonderfully strong voice and a fresh identity all of its own.”
Track of Words

Domino: Strays is a perfect example of how these characters and their stories not only work in this format [prose novels], but excel at it.”

“A fantastic inside look at the Hotshots… A great book looking at one of Marvel’s more interesting characters and it’s really enjoyable.”
Big Geordie Geek

“Domino is not Captain America, she is not here to be a paragon of selflessness and virtue, she is a mercenary with a traumatized past. In embracing that reality, Palmgren is able to really dig into the question of what it means to be a hero – not just making physical sacrifices, but showing Domino willing to sacrifice how she appears in the eyes of others, if that’s what it takes to finish the job.”
Fistful of Meeples

“I absolutely loved this book, and I can’t recommend Domino: Strays enough”
But Why Tho

“Easy to read, still very good”

– Amass Games

“Wow, I liked this book… I think you will like Palmgren’s handling of this Marvel heroine.”
SF Revu

Domino: Strays provides a fun read for those who are new to the character, while providing a lot of unobtrusive shout-outs for long-time fans. Domino: Strays effectively deploys a casual, mouthy style that suits who the character has become in the comics, while not impeding the emotional impact of Domino’s history.”
Strange Assembly

“This is a really great book that gives so much more backstory to a lesser-known Marvel character than could have been achieved in a graphic novel. A very strong female cast of role models. ”
Smash Bomb

“A fast-paced book full of action.”
– Astral Books

“A great book about a character that needs more love”
Lattes, Lipstick & Literature

“I loved this book and its entangled plots… If Palmgren writes more Domino, I’m going to be on it in a heartbeat.”
Ink and Plasma

“Being able to explore the grey areas of mutant life is what makes Domino a joy and Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren acts like a primer for the character.”
SF Book

“Domino: Strays is absolutely worth the read, whether you’re a new fan, or have been a fan for years… The story that unfolds here is profound, full of action, sass, and best friends. Really, what more could you possibly ask for?”
Word of the Nerd

“Domino shines in this story. 4/5 stars”

“It’s perfect, and really did read like a longer running Domino series. I would love more of this.”
Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks

“A book for every mutant to adore!!”
According to Daisy

“Ambitious and intelligent, breathing new life into familiar forms. Truly outstanding.”
– New York Times-bestselling author, Una McCormack

“It’s a great book that can put you into the same heart-pounding position as its characters, just trying to figure it all out.”
– Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“This book is bangin’! If you miss Domino from our run, she’s back, with a great espionage/thriller take. Tristan Palmgren nailed it!”
– Gail Simone, author of Domino Vol 1 and Hotshots

Marvel Heroines: Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren

Global Ebook On Sale: October 6, 2020
US Paperback On Sale: October 6, 2020
UK Paperback On Sale: December 10, 2020

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Marvel Heroines: Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren