Marvel's Xavier's Institute: First Team by Robbie MacNiven

First Team

A Xavier’s Institute Novel

First Team

A Xavier’s Institute Novel

By Robbie MacNiven

Marvel’s mutant heroes return when a remarkable student rushes to save his family but ends up in a whole heap of trouble, in this gripping Xavier’s Institute novel

Victor Borkowski – aka Anole – has adjusted well to life at Xavier’s Institute, gaining control over his reptilian mutant powers and the respect of his fellow students. However, when he discovers that his parents have been kidnapped by anti-mutant extremists, the Purifiers, Victor’s discipline and trust in the X-Men is strained to breaking point. Setting out alone in defiance of his instructors, he’s quickly in serious trouble. It isn’t just the fanatical Purifiers threatening his family, there’s a villainous scientist waiting to get hold of Victor himself. Maybe he can’t do this by himself after all…

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It isn’t easy being extraordinary. Superhuman powers can be both a gift and a curse in a world where those talents can be used for good or evil. A lucky few are taught how to control their abilities at the Charles Xavier Institute, while others must master their uniquely dangerous powers alone. Will they become true heroes and heroines when called upon to defend the world, or turn their fearsome abilities to conquering the world? Meanwhile, in a realm beyond Earth, mighty heroes do battle with monsters of myth and undertake quests to restore peace and honor to the legendary halls of Asgard and the Ten Realms.

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Publication Details

Page Count: 336pp
Cover Art: Anastasia Bulgakova
Genre: Science Fiction

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: March 23, 2021
UK On Sale Date: June 10, 2021
Paperback ISBN: 9781839080623
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: March 2, 2021
ebook ISBN: 9781839080630

About the Author

ROBBIE MacNIVEN hails from the highlands of Scotland. A lifelong fan of sci-fi and fantasy, he has had over a dozen novels published in settings ranging from Marvel’s X-Men, to Descent: Legends of the Dark, to Warhammer 40,000. Having completed a doctorate in Military History from the University of Edinburgh in 2020, he also possesses a keen interest in the past. His hobbies include historical re-enacting and making eight-hour round trips every second weekend to watch Rangers FC.

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Interviews and Articles

“Anole is the sort of character you see mentioned a lot when people talk about minor heroes they’d like to see more of. It was clear early on that, as a charming, witty and fun kid, he’d be an enjoyable character to write about.”
ComicSXF, Interview with Robbie MacNiven, author of First Team

“Family is a core theme of so many of the stories that feature Marvel’s X-Men. In a word of tension and prejudice, acceptance is hard to come by, and the very abilities that might seem to make someone exceptional also make them at best outcasts, and at worst, targets.”
Track of Words, Article by Robbie MacNiven, author of First Team


First Team meets the high standards for Marvel stories as set by the now legendary Stan Lee. A simply riveting great read from cover to cover.”
Midwest Book Review

“This is a tight, fun little read that feels incredibly fresh. There’s almost no fat in the book with a plot that moves from point to point agilely… This utterly drips with comic book energy.”
The Omniplex

“I gave First Team five stars… when the action occurred it was worth the wait.”
Chris Lowens

“Very fun and engaging.”
Nerdly Nightly

“I give First Team ★★★★★, when the action occurred it was worth the wait.”
Chris Lowens

“This feels like Harry Potter, superheroes, and the road-trip excitement of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, wrapped into one, and man was it engaging. I couldn’t put it down when I really got into the thick of it!”
Peyton F Writes

“Acceptance of those who are different has always been a big theme in X-Men stories, and I felt it was done really well here… I’d recommend giving this one a read.”
The Story Board

“Great character work is delivered over the course of a plot that starts off slowly, introducing characters, ideas and locations, then explodes into action and never lets up. MacNiven maintains a tone throughout that’s brilliantly appropriate to this world – First Team really does feel like an X-Men story pulled straight from the Marvel archive.”
Track of Words

First Team is the second Xavier’s Institute book that I’ve read from Aconyte, and the second that’s hugely impressed me. Whether we get more of these stories with this group of characters, or something completely new next time I’m definitely looking forward to more.”

“Page-turningly addictive… It’s quite dark and surprisingly powerful, and a far more emotional story than you might expect. Very much worth checking out.”
– Track of Words

“Expertly-written and populated with some of the most memorable characters in a fantasy novel that I’ve read in quite some time, and imbued with a bold, thought-provoking and often surprising narrative, with an emotionally powerful ending that’s akin to a fist in the gut.”
– SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer

“Page-turningly addictive.”
– Track of Words

Marvel's Xavier's Institute: First Team by Robbie MacNiven

Global Ebook On Sale: March 2, 2021
US Paperback On Sale: March 23, 2021
UK Paperback On Sale: June 10, 2021

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Marvel's Xavier's Institute: First Team by Robbie MacNiven