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C L WERNER is a voracious reader and prolific author from Phoenix, Arizona. His many novels and short stories span the genres of fantasy and horror and he has written for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Old World, Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine’s Iron Kingdoms, and Mantic’s Kings of War. For Aconyte, he is the author of Marvel Legends of Asgard: Sword of Surtur and Three Swordsas well as the Zombicide: Black Plague trilogy, Age of the Undead and Isle of the Undead.

Interviews and Articles

CLW: “Oh there are quite a few classic stories that I drew inspiration from when plotting this novel, but I’m afraid delving too deeply into some of the sources might constitute spoilers. One thing I really like doing with the Legends of Asgard is to go back and revisit lesser known characters and expand on them.”
Track of Words

“I wanted to focus on a character from the Asgardian part of the Marvel Universe who I always felt had a great deal of story potential but never really had too much focus placed on him.”
Track of Words, Interview with C L Werner, author of The Sword of Surtur

Interviews with the authors and editor of Tales from the Crucible
– The Epic Quest

Author News
Anything is Possible on an Impossible World: KeyForge – Tales of the Crucible edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells December 17, 2019 An impossible world filled with myriad peoples battling for mystical Æmber (and everyone else who’s just trying to get along) – it can only be KeyForge! Introducing Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology, edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells, which flies screaming onto your bookshelf in June 2020. KeyForge is chock-full… Read more.

“Tying perfectly to the game world and how it feels to try and fight to survive, a must read for fans of the genre and Werner.”
What You Tolkien About

“If you love this series you’re going to love this book, but it’s also going to hurt you.”

“Isle of the Undead isn’t just a good successor to the book that came before it, but one that expands on it in new and interesting ways.”

“If you love fantasy, zombies and action you will not be disappointed by this at all.”
What You Tolkien About

“This story reads very much like a D&D campaign, and it just works so well, a group of misfits, forced to work together, despite mistrust and some bad history, as they kick down doors, kill the undead and loot the treasure.”
Big Geordie Geek

“Werner is no stranger to fantasy world, having written books set within the Warhammer universe, and you can really see that experience coming through here. He knows how to make a world that feels lived in and real (even if it’s currently in ruin), and is able to make the action jump off the page thanks to precise, descriptive language.”

“Age of the Undead is an atmospheric, blood-soaked & action-packed zombie-fest from C.L. Werner that perfectly meshes with the Zombicide: Black Plague setting, and demonstrates why Werner is such a prolific and popular author.”
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

“C.L. Werner delivers a rollicking tale with all the zombie mayhem we could want, turning the traditional fantasy setting upside down, and giving us a group of characters a fractious as they are loveable.”
– David Annandale

“Three Swords is a fast paced, action packed, fantasy epic that mixes in the science fiction, historical locations, and ridiculously cool concepts into one huge story that shouldn’t work, but lands perfectly.”

“I gave Three Swords a five-star rating. The characterization of each of the Warriors Three conforms to established canon and its a lot of fun to watch their interaction with each other, whether in battle or not.”
Chris L. Owens

“The writing and characterisation are a dream. I obviously love the comics but sometimes you can not get a full sense of a character’s internal thoughts or personality, at least not as in depth as you do in a novel and Werner aces it.”
What You Tolkien About

“Three Swords, written by CL Werner, stars the Warriors Three, who must stop a plot by extradimensional sorcerers to overthrow Odin.”
Screen Rant

“Frankly this is the best story featuring Tyr that I have ever read, and I have read quite a few of the comics in which he features… This is a an extremely good book, not because it’s an epic tale of a sons quest to prove himself to his father, but because it actually makes you sympathise and actually identify with a Norse god.”
Big Geordie Geek

The Sword of Surtur is the perfect read for any fan of Marvel, who also appreciates the origin of the world Thor sprung from. This is a novel that merges lore and legend with the fantastical elements of Marvel, and it does so seamlessly.”
Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks

The Sword of Surtur is every bit the fun Asgardian escapade fans could hope for… It was funny and chaotic, not to mention full of action. In short, it’s a novel that many a Marvel fan would and could enjoy. Any fan missing the gods from Asgard on the big screen should consider checking this tale out.”
Word of the Nerd

“[The Sword of Surtur] explores jealousy and brotherhood, magic and destiny, and does so while telling a story accessible to all ages, I would definitely recommend the book.”
Nerdy Nightly

Chris Lowens

“This is a story that doesn’t just take inspiration from the myths and legends that inspired the Marvel books, but celebrates it. If you’ve never picked up a comic before, if you’re not sure you’d like heroes fighting costumed villains with over the top plots, this is the kind of book that can show you that there’s more to comics than that, and that those universes can easily make the jump to prose without losing any of their magic.”

“Think Pinky and the Brain with monsters and martians, and you won’t be too far off. Brilliant.”
Track of Words The Perfect Organism by C L Werner

“A hugely enjoyable monster romp.”
SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer on The Perfect Organism by C L Werner

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