A globetrotting elite disease control team race against time to halt deadly epidemics and save humanity.

Doctors and specialists unite to tackle outbreaks of disease around the world. They are the Global Health Agency: a rapid response taskforce managed by the World Health Organization. The team are dispatched to all corners of the globe to limit the spread of infection and prevent epidemic catastrophes. But it’s not just viruses that stand in their way – local governments and navigating the chaos of infected regions can put the team at risk too.

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“The game was great in that it gave a good starting point for a novel series that wasn’t too constrictive to inhibit where each story could go. Once the organisation and characters were established, story-wise, authors writing the series can go just about anywhere.”
Board Game Atlas

“I hope they have a page-turning read where they want to get to the bottom of the outbreak and they become ‘involved’ in the characters and their lives and want to spend more time with them. Most importantly, I hope they come away with a deeper respect for those on the front lines, who face danger every day in order to keep the rest of us safe.”

– Amanda Bridgeman

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Incoming – Here Are Our First Titles! November 26, 2019 It’s time to yank the tarps off this intriguing pile that we’ve kept under wraps all this year, and tell you about our first publications. When we launch the Aconyte range of novels based on your favourite Asmodee games in May 2020, all these books are heading your way in… Read more.


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