Pulp action and fantasy adventure in 1920s Massachusetts, pitting brave investigators against a sweeping tide of supernatural activity aimed at resurrecting alien gods who will consume our world.

It is the height of the Roaring Twenties – a fresh enthusiasm for the arts, science, and exploration of the past have opened doors to a wider world, and beyond… And yet, a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time, writhing at the thresholds between worlds. Eldritch rituals must be stopped and alien creatures destroyed; before the Ancient Ones make our world their ruined dominion. Only a handful of investigators stand against the horrors threatening to tear this world apart. Will they prevail?

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“Expect an atmosphere of creeping dread and slam-bang action.”
Track of Words

“Lovecraft has endured, but I think what I like most is the way that people have taken his ideas and run with them. Created new adaptations, twisted them, and bought their own views and experiences to his work. I really love what some modern authors, and games like Arkham Horror have done, which is to take these works and use them as a basis for their exploration of these ideas. It really means we can open it up to reflect the world we live in, and the experiences of those around us, rather than just those that Lovecraft deemed fitting. ”
Trans-Scribe, Interview with Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells, editor of The Devourer Below

“Lovecraft had many stories in which brave white American explorers wind up collecting lore or relics from various ‘uncivilized tribes’ of, well, non-whites. I loved the idea of turning that on its head – not just as a social statement, but because of the really cool story potential.”
Track of Words, Interview with Ari Marmell, author of Litany of Dreams

“ The rise of Hollywood brought together an amazing diverse population to work together to create movies. And what they created went around the world because you didn’t need a common spoken language to understand it. That was always key to the plot.”
Paul Semel, Interview with Rosemary Jones, author of Mask of Silver

“What I always hope readers get out of my books is an enjoyable adventure. I love playing these games. I try to infuse that fun into what I write.”
Track of Words, Interview with Rosemary Jones, author of Mask of Silver

“I want readers to feel something. If a reader wonders if they’ve walked into a haunted, surreal painting, then I’ve gotten things right.”
Track of Words, Interview with S A Sidor, author of The Last Ritual

“[Arkham Horror] is one of my favorite board games, though I haven’t played the newest edition. Taking an hour or so to set up all those boards and cards and then getting eaten by Azathoth in around twenty minutes – perfection.”
Track of Words, Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Wrath of N’kai

Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Wrath of N’kai
The Great Old Ones Gaming podcast Beyond the Veil #6


World News

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real in Arkham Horror’s The Last Ritual by S A Sidor December 19, 2019 When Arkham is captivated by a gifted artist, the walls between reality and fantasy break down, and who knows what terrors lurk beyond those walls…  introducing our second Arkham Horror novel: The Last Ritual by S A Sidor, which paints a terrifying picture worldwide in August 2020. It’s time for the… Read more.
Arkham Horror: Wrath of N'Kai by Josh Reynolds Feel the Terror of Arkham Horror: Wrath of N’Kai by Josh Reynolds December 10, 2019 A gunfight in a museum leads an aristocratic burglar into mortal danger and cosmic peril, in our second book reveal! Our first foray into the Lovecraftian realm of Arkham Horror is Wrath of N’Kai by Josh Reynolds, arriving on your bookshelf in May 2020! Read on for the full synopsis and a… Read more.
Incoming – Here Are Our First Titles! November 26, 2019 It’s time to yank the tarps off this intriguing pile that we’ve kept under wraps all this year, and tell you about our first publications. When we launch the Aconyte range of novels based on your favourite Asmodee games in May 2020, all these books are heading your way in… Read more.


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