David Annandale

DAVID ANNANDALE is a lecturer at a Canadian university on subjects ranging from English literature to horror films and video games. He is the author of many novels in the New York Times-bestselling Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 universe, and a co-host of the Hugo Award-nominated podcast Skiffy and Fanty.

“[Doctor Doom’s] been my favourite Marvel character for as long as I can remember – well over 40 years!”
UM Today, Interview with David Annandale, author of The Harrowing of Doom

“Getting the chance to write [Doctor Doom] was something beyond a dream coming true, because I never dared to dream I would have this opportunity.”
University of Manitoba Today, Interview with David Annandale, author of The Harrowing of Doom

“Doctor Doom has been my favorite of all Marvel characters for well over 40 years. His Gothic Hero-Villain persona pulled me in long before I even knew what such a character type was.”
Track of Words, Interview with David Annandale, author of The Harrowing of Doom

Court Games podcast interview with David Annandale, author of Curse of Honor

“The setting of Legend of the Five Rings provides some very rich material for the fusion of fantasy and horror.”
Track of Words, Interview with David Annandale, author of Curse of Honor

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“I had expected this book to be full of long, and dull to read battles, but Annandale beautifully keeps tension high to drive you through the pages. Descriptions are brutal, from the undead, to those slaughtered with their faces removed and returned unnaturally, and so true to the pulp-ish feel of the book, it certainly pulls no punches.”
Tabletop Gaming Magazine

“The highlight of the novel is David Annandale’s storytelling, which is fascinating and gripping.”
Shelley Reviews

The Harrowing of Doom gives the reader a very intimate look at its eponymous protagonist, and whilst Doom’s iron will, and the implicit (or sometimes explicit) lack of freedom that this implies for his subjects never fully goes away, the figure he presents is a very interesting one nonetheless. ”
Fistful of Meeples

“A great novel about Doctor Doom influenced by strong comic lore knowledge, Gothic and Romance literature, horror cinema, and fantasy. If that sounds like something up your alley, definitely check it out. It gets a wholehearted recommendation from me. ”
The Doom Archives

Curse of Honor is a deftly crafted and inherently riveting read from first page to last. Clearly showcasing Annandale’s genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative storytelling style that is as entertaining as it is compelling.”
Midwest Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt like I was reading a very in-depth script to a Marvel movie I would enjoy seeing.”
Nerds and Beyond

“The book is good, an interesting one where an over-powered character is undone by refusing to delegate or being too egotistical, and it is something of a page-turner, it left me wanting more. ”

“While Doctor Doom made for a very unlikely hero, this book did open my eyes as to Doom’s motivation for the things he does that bring him into conflict with various Marvel heroes.”
Chris Lowens

“This felt like it could easily be adapted into a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a very strong story and very well written.”
Big Geordie Geek

Curse of Honor is a well-told story that stands on its own, with little knowledge of Rokugan required to enjoy it. The horror is effectively done, managing to give you a strong sense of the perils whilst leaving the details evasive. The characters are interesting and for those who make it to the end alive, there should be plenty of interest in seeing what comes next for them in any sequel that might follow.”
Fistful of Meeples

“As spectacular, characterful and downright entertaining as any Marvel movie. Doctor Doom might usually play the role of the bad guy, but with this fantastic exploration of his character and his relationship to Latveria it’s clear that there’s much more to him than just monomaniacal villainy. Annandale’s love for the character comes through strongly, and he’s undoubtedly done Doom justice.”
Track of Words

“This is the Doom we have never seen in the movies. I love how his tale has caught the imaginations of many through the years, and I’m absolutely looking forward to future prose versions of his fantastic peers. Definitely recommended.”
The Catbox

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt like I was reading a very in-depth script to a Marvel movie I would enjoy seeing. Fans get to witness a side of Doctor Doom that is not commonly seen.”
Nerds and Beyond

The Harrowing of Doom not only sheds light onto the character of Doctor Doom, but the nation of Latveria as a whole, and gives readers valuable insight into one of the more interesting corners of the Marvel Universe.”

The Harrowing of Doom plays out like a movie… The conclusion felt earned and I was wholly satisfied with the tale I’d been given. And I will never say no to more Marvel in my life.”
The Paperback Collector

“If you enjoy dark stories full of a constant fight against evil, you can add Curse of Honor to your reading list!”
Kamila Reads

Curse of Honor feels like an Alien movie; a tense, dimly-lit thriller where the protagonist gets extended action scenes, discovers horrific tableaus, and has to grapple with the growing paranoia of those around her.”
– Strange Assembly


“Very well written, very engaging and very well edited, with a nice flow to it.”
Big Geordie Geek

“A fantastic story that manages to be both accessible for readers who know nothing about the setting as well as engaging for long time fans.”
Imperial Advisor: The L5R LCG Show

“It really is a good story, providing the perfect opportunity for Annandale to let loose and have fun with horrible supernatural creepiness and haunted, tragic characters forced into increasingly painful decisions. Highly recommended.”
Track of Words


Curse of Honor is a deeply compelling and sophisticated novel.”
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

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