M Darusha Wehm

M. DARUSHA WEHM is the Nebula Award-nominated and Sir Julius Vogel Award-winning author of the interactive fiction game The Martian Job, as well as the science fiction novels Beautiful RedChildren of ArkadiaThe Voyage of the White Cloud, and the Andersson Dexter cyberpunk detective series. Their mainstream books include the Devi Jones’ Locker YA series and the humorous coming-of-age novel The Home for Wayward Parrots. Darushas short fiction and poetry have appeared in many venues, including Terraform and Nature. Originally from Canada, Darusha lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending several years sailing the Pacific.

Interviews and Articles

“I’m a big fan of odd couple pairings, where they bicker and annoy each other with their differences, but those differences are their strength as a team, and as friends.”
Track of Words, Interview with M Darusha Wehm, author of The Qubit Zirconium

Interviews with the authors and editor of Tales from the Crucible
– The Epic Quest

Author News
Anything is Possible on an Impossible World: KeyForge – Tales of the Crucible edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells December 17, 2019 An impossible world filled with myriad peoples battling for mystical Æmber (and everyone else who’s just trying to get along) – it can only be KeyForge! Introducing Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology, edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells, which flies screaming onto your bookshelf in June 2020. KeyForge is chock-full… Read more.

“At its heart, it’s a story about family and trust, twisted together with tiny details that make this near-future world feel as real and lived-in as a small town”
Kara Dennison

“From the first chapter I was hooked. Wehn’s writing is fantastic and really evokes the dangerous and limited setting of the space colonies.”
A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives

Shores of a New Horizon is a thrilling and hugely entertaining road trip through a future-Mars undergoing a terraforming transformation. Wehm deftly weaves together technology and science, corporate intrigue, family drama, daring detective work, a gripping a heist, and a satisfying sense of humor as we follow two estranged siblings through the domed cities and bumpy backroads of the Red Planet. It’s the kind of science fiction story that makes you want to travel the solar system, and maybe even ride a rover to Valles Marineris.”
– MARIA HASKINS, author and translator

“What’s nice about this setting is that the author sticks to their guns throughout and keeps the entire thing as a well-plotted and well paced thriller, full  of the twists and turns that you’d expect to find in a good detective novel.”

“As you read through The Qubit Zirconium, it immediately becomes clear that Wehm knows exactly how to write a compelling and intricate mystery thriller, deftly interweaving surprising events and colourful characters with complex motivations to create an engaging and multi-faceted narrative that is always utterly enthralling and keeps you on the edge of your seat.”
SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer

“The story was very entertaining. Sometimes feeling like a comedic road trip / buddy movie. Sometimes feeling like a thrilling mystery where you’ll wonder what the next clue will be and where it will take us.”
Rae Reads

“A mystery set in the wacky world of a CCG, featuring private detectives with a difference. Actually, a lot of differences. The PIs – a female alien who floats, and a nattily-dressed nonbinary cyborg – are not even a little bit noir; they don’t get beaten up while pursuing their investigation, they’re rigidly ethical in their methods, and they’re not desperate for money. There are definitely people who will enjoy following the likeable protagonists through the interesting setting as they gradually unpick the puzzle.”
Mike RM

“I really enjoyed the characters, there were some obvious tropes being introduced, the Star Alliance are a thinly veiled Federation after all, and the Martians are the very picture of the little green men we joke about, but again, the card game is very much about taking obvious tropes and twisting them ever so slightly.”
Big Geordie Geek

“An absolutely brilliant read… if you’re looking for some fresh sci-fi that offers a fascinating, fleshed-out world, without taking itself too seriously, then [The Qubit Zirconium] is a great place to go.”
The Story Board

“I had so much fun diving into this place and, through the action and plot, imagining exploring it. But Wibble and Pplimz make the story.”
Dear Author

“A mysterious winding jaunt through a world of wonder, sure to keep you glued to the pages. I’d give it ★★★★★.”
Rae Reads

“Evocative, cunningly plotted and the most unusual stories in the anthology.”
SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer on Wibble and Pplimz, Investigators for Hire by M Darusha Wehm

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