M K Hutchins

M K HUTCHINS is the author of the YA fantasy novels The Redwood Palace, and Junior Library Guild Selection, Drift. She is a prolific short story writer, appearing in Fireside, Podcastle, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. A long-time Idahoan, she now lives in Utah with her husband and four children.

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Interviews with the authors and editor of Tales from the Crucible
– The Epic Quest

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Anything is Possible on an Impossible World: KeyForge – Tales of the Crucible edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells December 17, 2019 An impossible world filled with myriad peoples battling for mystical Æmber (and everyone else who’s just trying to get along) – it can only be KeyForge! Introducing Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology, edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells, which flies screaming onto your bookshelf in June 2020. KeyForge is chock-full… Read more.

“Beneath the surface fantasy this is really a story about someone getting to grips with their grief and remembering that hiding from pain isn’t the same thing as healing, and it’s beautifully bittersweet.”
Track of Words Useful Parasites by M K Hutchins

“If you’re after a story about family wrapped up in a tale of strange creatures and stranger circumstances, this is well worth checking out.”
Track of Words The Librarian’s Duel by M K Hutchins

“A fun, raucous and hugely enjoyable story.”
SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer on The Librarian’s Duel by M K Hutchins

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