Stuart Moore

STUART MOORE is a writer, fiction editor, and a multiple award-winning comics editor. His many novels include X-Men: The Dark Phoenix SagaThe Zodiac Legacy (created and cowritten by Stan Lee), and Thanos: Death Sentence. He has recently written comics such as Deadpool the DuckBatman, and EGOs. Stuart is the former editor of the Marvel prose novel line, founding editor of Vertigo, and of several other comic imprints.

“Ninety percent of the novel is Rocket Raccoon flying into things, Gamora threatening to decapitate people, and Ms Marvel jumping off the outside of spaceships. Promise. There are surprise villains, too.”
Animate Stooge

“The opportunity to write a giant-scale clash between these two groups was irresistible. Structuring the story was tough, but lots of fun. I really wanted to make sure the characters drove the conflicts at every stage; that’s absolutely key to Marvel storytelling.”

– Stuart Moore

BIG Spring/Summer title announcement! March 1, 2021 - It’s been a while since we gave you a BIG update on the behind-the-scenes work going on here at Aconyte. You’ve all been very patient and as such, we thought it about time we reward you with a GIGANTIC list of really cool sounding titles coming in the spring and… Read more.

“An entertaining, page-turner of a novel that offers up plenty of huge super heroic moments worthy of the big screen – or the table top – as well as a sensibility that you don’t often get in this kind of book. And a great summer read.”

“This really does feel like a bold, brightly-coloured superhero movie… a flashy action story that’s tremendous fun while still maintaining some characterful depths.”
Track of Words

“If you love superheroes getting in fights with each other, if you like big team-ups against powerful foes, if you like stories where the stakes are the entire planet, and if you’re a fan of comics this is the kind of novel that will appeal to you. It throws so much at the reader that you’re constantly on your toes, excited to find out what’s going to happen next, or eager to see which hero might appear at the last minute to help save the day. A ton of fun that every geek is sure to love.”

“I particularly love books with a ton of crossover characters, and Target: Kree does not disappoint. It has cover-to-cover action that never gets dull. I gave Target: Kree ★★★★★. I have read several of the Marvel prose novel from Aconyte Books, and this was my favorite one yet.”
Chris Lowens

“A fun beat-em-up story”
Big Geordie Geek

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