Josh Reynolds

JOSH REYNOLDS is the author of over thirty novels and numerous short stories, including the wildly popular Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. He grew up in South Carolina and now lives in Sheffield, UK.

Interviews and Articles

“My favourite authors have a great capacity for creating characters that stick with the reader. They’re less about plot or story, and more about the characters who inhabit said story. It’s a lesson that’s stuck with me from my earliest attempts at writing.” – Josh Reynolds
The Book Network

“A comedy of manners masquerading as a forgotten episode of Perry Mason, set in feudal Japan – or the fantasy equivalent thereof.”

– Josh Reynolds

Death’s Kiss interview with Josh Reynolds
Court Games Podcaast,

“I wanted to write a Golden Age mystery, I wanted to write characters with a sense of humour, and a lot of word play, and I wanted to do something without a lot of action or violence to it.”
Court Games, Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Poison River

“Rokugani justice is such that things like evidence and proof mean very little, and I wanted to explore how an investigation into a crime might go in a place where such things are often seen as (at best) a waste of everyone’s time. Can a detective solve a mystery when no one cares about the solution?”
Track of Words, Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Poison River

“Near-future, day-after-tomorrow science fiction like this can ring the warning bell for the real world alongside telling a pacy adventure story.”
Track of Words, Interview with the authors of Day Zero, James Swallow and Josh Reynolds

“[Arkham Horror] is one of my favorite board games, though I haven’t played the newest edition. Taking an hour or so to set up all those boards and cards and then getting eaten by Azathoth in around twenty minutes – perfection.”
Track of Words, Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Wrath of N’kai

Interview with Josh Reynolds, author of Wrath of N’kai
The Great Old Ones Gaming podcast Beyond the Veil #6


Author News
Ubisoft - Day Zero, the Watch Dogs Legion Prequel Novel Aconyte Books & Ubisoft® Collaborate to Publish Watch Dogs: Legion: Day Zero September 25, 2020         Asmodee Entertainment is delighted to announce that Aconyte, the new fiction imprint of global games group Asmodee, will be publishing DAY ZERO, the prequel novel to the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion® game from Ubisoft®. Set in a darkly dystopian London just a few years from now,… Read more.
Legend of the Five Rings: Poison River by Josh Reynolds Begin Your Investigation into Legend of the Five Rings’ Poison River by Josh Reynolds December 23, 2019 A mystery death brings a dilettante detective to life, and drags his long-suffering bodyguard into a nest of intrigue that will test their mettle, and their blades… introducing our second novel set in Legend of the Five Rings’ rich fantasy world: Poison River by Josh Reynolds, released worldwide in August… Read more.
Arkham Horror: Wrath of N'Kai by Josh Reynolds Feel the Terror of Arkham Horror: Wrath of N’Kai by Josh Reynolds December 10, 2019 A gunfight in a museum leads an aristocratic burglar into mortal danger and cosmic peril, in our second book reveal! Our first foray into the Lovecraftian realm of Arkham Horror is Wrath of N’Kai by Josh Reynolds, arriving on your bookshelf in May 2020! Read on for the full synopsis and a… Read more.
Incoming – Here Are Our First Titles! November 26, 2019 It’s time to yank the tarps off this intriguing pile that we’ve kept under wraps all this year, and tell you about our first publications. When we launch the Aconyte range of novels based on your favourite Asmodee games in May 2020, all these books are heading your way in… Read more.

“Mr. Reynolds’ obvious love of the City of Venice combined with his enjoyment of the Arkham setting meet in Song of Carcosa to make a fabulous mythos noir yarn that repeatedly hit some of my favorite notes in my favorite IP.”
Arkham Historian

Do or Die is utterly unhinged in the best of ways.”
Kara Dennison

“The pace was as blistering with no time for respite, the author did the action bits quite brilliantly”
I Hate 00 Critics

“This was again a slow and meandering mystery”
Susanna Reads

“A delightful read”
A Dreaming Sky

“Coming back for a fourth Daidoji Shin novel, Josh Reynolds once again knocks it out of the park with Three Oaths.”
Lauren’s Bookshelf

“Josh Reynolds way of writing Shin is honestly a delight.”
What You Tolkien About

“Three Oaths left me wanting to read more in this series and from Josh Reynolds.”
Kathryn’s Book Review

“Complex and fascinating I was once more drawn into the exploits of the exceptional Shin, who just might be being set up to have his wings clipped. Another intriguing read!”

“It goes without saying that a Daidoji Shin story will be a fantastic time for any reader—equal parts drawing room comedy and tense murder mystery.”
Kara Dennison

“Reynolds’ latest offering is perfectly in line with the sass and spunk that I have come to expect from the series.”
Cosmic Circus

“Shadows of Pnath is a rollicking, massively entertaining foray into the world of Arkham Horror.”
Witty and Sarcastic Book Club

““Shadows of P’nath” surpassed my expectations… The story arc allows readers to see just how much both the Countess and Pepper… As excited as I was for “Shadows of P’nath” I find myself even more excited for a potential 3rd novel from Mr. Reynolds after enjoying this release.”
Arkham Historian

“A wonderfully engaging mystery by Josh Reynolds set in the multi-author sandbox Five Rings world.”
Nonstop Reader

“Alessandra and Pepper are back on the page again. This dynamic duo make for such a fun noir-esque read.”
What You Tolkien About

“It’s exactly what I want from a Cthulhu Mythos themed adventure novel and a Pulpy throwback that hits the spot perfectly.”
Grimdark Magazine

“I loved it and cannot wait for Three Oaths, the next in the series! 5 out of 5 Stars”
Big Geordie Geek

“This was so well done in the Arkham Horror series, it does what I’ve come to expect from this series. It has a beautifully done cover and really works with the story inside.”
Kathryn’s Book Review

“The Flower Path leaves me grasping for the next Daidoji Shin novel. It’s as good as Poison River if not better and does a good job of showing Shin thinking on his feet and dealing with having to keep the closed box closed while he investigates. It earns a five out of five from me and a very impatient wait for the next one.”
Lauren’s Bookshelf

“The Flower Path is a very fun mystery story, due in part to it taking place in one building over one night. There are no big investigations, no chasing after suspects, or catching up with witnesses after they’ve had time to think over what they saw. Everything that happens in The Flower Path takes place over just a few hours, and it’s delightful.”

“The Flower Path is nothing less than Josh Reynolds at the height of his considerable talents as an author, an intricate, complex and tightly-plotted murder-mystery perfectly integrated into the Legend of the Five Rings setting, and populated with a richly-imagined cast of characters to create an elegant novel that might well be the best thing that Reynolds has ever written.”
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

“I honestly felt like I was transported right into the heart of the court and clan dynamics and all the intrigue and espionage that goes on.”
– What You Tolkien About

“If one was going to provide a summarised verdict of this novel in just a few words, the expression ‘nailed it’ (also a pretty efficient way of dispatching a zombie) might be a good fit.”
The Book Network

“Everything you would hope for from a Rokugan novel.”
Fistful of Meeples

“I have nothing bad to say about Last Resort, Reynolds is shaping up to be one of my favorite authors and this is exactly the kind of writing I generally expect from him. Plus it feels like a good introduction to the Zombicide setting for those who have not played the game before.”
– Lauren’s Bookshelf

“I’ll admit to being fooled by the twist until very late on, but even if you manage to guess where the plot is going, it’s an entertaining journey to follow along. The main cast continue to develop and new figures are added with the continuing levels of diversity that we’ve come to expect from an Aconyte story.”
The Story Board

“It took a theme and a story that I’d seen done a lot and put a whole new fun spin on things. Now I’m even more excited to see what else the Zombicide books will do, and how wild they’re going to be.”

– Trans-Scribe

“Any victory risks feeling pyrrhic, and the way Reynolds balances the competing demands of hope and despair is a big part of the book’s success. All told this leans heavily towards the action end of the horror spectrum, as a fast-paced adventure packed with excitement and danger that delivers lashings of undead gore without ever getting too gruesome.”

– Track of Words

“In conclusion this book has everything you could want from a novel featuring zombies and so much more besides. Even characters you might not like you end up invested in their wellbeing. The writing is fantastic, fast-paced and engaging. The dialogue is natural and flows, matching each character perfectly. The only downside is it was not long enough! But if you are like me, it will definitely cure that zombie and Zombicide itch!”

– What You Tolkien About

“Its a great book filled with grossness, natural and very well written flowing dialogue and leaves you craving more.”

– Big Geordie Geek

“I adored this book. It was just so much fun… A perfect example of what makes this a great franchise.”

“It’s a pleasure to follow the exploits of one of my favorite sleuths, Daidoji Shin… I love the voice of Shin – languid, biting, self deprecating – he slays me with his many humorous lines. ★★★★★”
Eyes to See

“I really enjoyed this book, knowing what happened did lend the twist as we tried to figure out the reasons for the crime, because they really do matter, and whilst there was some general predictability, it wasn’t glaringly obvious. Instead the book makes you feel smart as you go “ahh I think I know”, then leads you to they why, what giving it’s all a bit of a twist.”
Big Geordie Geek

Death’s Kiss is another brilliant Rokugan story from Josh Reynolds, a fast-paced, intricately-plotted and highly rewarding journey through the Legend of the Five Rings setting, in the company of a charming, debonair protagonist with hidden depths and a knack for witty dialogue and amusing asides. ”
Track of Words

Wrath of N’kai is eminently enjoyable read and sets the bar very high for future entries in the Arkham Horror series.”
Culture Vs News

“Reynolds is the perfect writer for the world of Rokugan, creating an instantly compelling and multi-faceted protagonist to effortlessly draw us into a fast-paced and complex political thriller that entertains with every page.”
SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer

“An intriguing and overwhelmingly enjoyable novel.”
Under the Radar

“I was delighted to see the author didn’t fall into easy tropes but instead peeked behind the curtain and considered how the world actually worked and not the surface illusion. This book [Poison River] was an absolute delight.”
Imperial Advisor

“A solid showing by Josh Reynolds and, perhaps, the sort of mystery I was looking for last time I visited the genre… Daidoji Shin is a stand out in a book full of well done characters.”
Lauren’s Bookshelf

“A deftly crafted fantasy fiction set in the literary world of H P Lovecraft. Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero is a book for all fans of the game series… the story takes you on a journey between two entangled murder cases, raises endless questions, shows characters of different layers, and drops a huge bombshell at the end.”
Seven Gamer

“The authors have totally nailed it when it comes to the book’s narrative tone. Explosions, gun battles, chases unfolding at breakneck pace; it’s all good clean fun… a cheeky, cheery Cockney near-future tech thriller that acts as an ideal gateway to the game that is set to follow.”
The Eloquent Page

“All fans of Legend of the Five Rings will be delighted to read this convoluted mystery. The author did brilliantly in portraying all the clans, their characteristics, little quirks and petty squabbles. The main character, Shin, is a perfect example of that… There are so many vivid details from the Rokugan that fans will enjoy. ”
Kamila Reads

“I loved this book, it was a thoroughly enjoyable story which whilst grounded in the Cthulhu mythos, did not delve into it too deeply, nor did it require me to have more than passing knowledge. In fact I think if a layperson was to pick up this book and read it, they would get on with it perfectly fine without knowing a thing about the mythos.”
Big Geordie Geek

“The book is gripping from start to finish, the mystery successfully drives it and the villains are nasty enough to keep you entertained and understand the character’s fear, if not instilling any into you. Overall it’s a good read which makes for a great entrance into the world of Arkham Horror.”
The Gameshelf

“A multi layered mystery… Cleverly written, replete with acerbic and descriptive language.”
Eyes to See

“A welcome addition to the pulpy Horror setting. I also appreciate Josh Reynolds’ other work from Black Library so I was excited to give this one a shot and I’m glad I did. If you’re looking for fun read from the streets of Arkham then check out Wrath of N’kai.”
Bell of Lost Souls

Poison River has everything you would hope for from a Rokugan novel… Any time spent reading this is definitely well-spent, and I would recommend it to others.”
Fistful of Meeples

“Come for the mystery, stay for the fantastic characters, snappy dialogue and sense of fun. As the first book in a series, it’s a very promising start indeed.”
Track of Words

“The single best Legend of the Five Rings novel… Poison River was an excellent read. The protagonist is interesting, the conspiracy he investigates is coherent, and his adventure riveting.”
Strange Assembly

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