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RICHARD LEE BYERS is the author of fifty horror and fantasy books including This Sword for Hire and Blind God’s Bluff, novels for Marvel Legends of Asgard, Forgotten Realms, and the Impostor series. He’s also written scores of short stories, some collected in The Things That Crawl and The Hep Cats of Ulthar, scripted a graphic novel, and contributed content on tabletop and electronic games. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, he’s an RPG enthusiast and a frequent program participant at Florida conventions, Dragon Con, and Gen Con.

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“First and foremost, I hope readers find it to be an enjoyable fantasy novel that feels true to both Norse myth and Marvel lore. Beyond that, there are a couple themes I hope people will pick up on, but I don’t want to telegraph them by flat-out announcing what they are.”

Track of Words

“I hope readers will come away feeling they’ve read a rousing fantasy adventure true to the spirit of the Marvel Universe. Beyond that, I hope they’ll regard Heimdall as a cool character they’d like to see more of.”
Track of Words, Interview with Richard Lee Byers, author of The Head of Mimir

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“Original, fun and exciting read from first page to last.”
Midwest Book Review

“For fans of this series, these characters, and fantasy novels in general, this is a book that you’re definitely going to want to read.”

“Byers again is in top form, using his strong fantasy and world-building experience to craft an engaging tale of intrigue and mystery.”
Martin’s View

“In The Prisoner of Tartarus, Richard Lee Byers gives us an origin story we didn’t know we needed. especially if Asgard is of special interest to you.”
The Cosmic Circus

“It was wonderful. I cannot wait for the paperback to arrive.”
Track of Words

“I gave The Rebels of Vanaheim five stars. The pacing is slow and it provides a ton of battle action while also expanding the Asgardian world even more.”
Chris L. Owens

“What I will say is that this was easily the best entry in the series so far. It was packed with action, horror, character focus, and had a central plot that kept me invested throughout.”

It has well-rounded characters and vivid scene-setting, with plenty of sorcery and magical weapons to satisfy fans, and a nail-biting climax. Richard Byers writes in dense, fluid language which demands close attention but which never bores, and it is always a joy to escape into the world that he has created.
Kid Ferrous Reviews

“The inclusion of draugr, dwarves and named swords of power makes for a classic fantasy tale filled with adventure and high-stakes. Byers shines in this regard, and what he presented here makes me interested in seeking out more of his work.”
Martin’s View

“Heimdall versus shape-shifting zombies… Of course I wanted to read this!!!”
Simply a Book Drunkard

“Byers hits it out of the park with this second book in the Legends of Asgard series featuring Heimdall.”
What You Tolkien About

“The perfect fantasy/superhero hybrid. ”
Uptown Oracle

“A great blend of Marvel fantasy and Norse mythology with a sprinkle of science fiction. And the character development whilst light, is fantastic, plus the sibling rivalry and ribbing from Sif is utterly delightful.”
Big Geordie Geek

“An absolute ’must’ for the legions of Marvel Universe fans… With many an unexpected plot twist and turn, The Head of Mimir is a wonderfully entertaining, impressively entertaining, and highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

The Head of Mimir is a hell of a story, more in line with the epics of legend than anything I’ve read in the Thor comics, but it fits so well with the universe and characters that Marvel have adapted over the decades. Richard Lee Byers clearly know not just the world of the comics, but the original myths too, and manages to weave them together in great ways. ”

Mimir is packed with action and ideas, many of which come from Norse mythology itself… a book that is not quite fantasy or science fiction, but a mash up of the two genres… and then adds more action that I have ever read in such a book. For readers who enjoy their fantasy full on and nonstop, this will be a great read.”
SF Book Reviews

“The Head of Mimir is a fun, fast-paced fantasy adventure… this offers a fresh perspective and its own unique take on Heimdall, Sif and the Nine Worlds, while finding a satisfying balance between fantasy and mythology.”
Track of Words

“I really enjoyed The Head of Mimir, it’s an accessible read that clips along at a good pace, but also offers deeper rewards for fans of the source material, whether it be Marvel, the Norse Sagas, or both.”
Fistful of Meeples

“Awesome new fiction coming this October starring Domino and Heimdall!” Marvel and Aconyte Books Reveal First ’Heroines’ and ’Legends of Asgard’ Prose Novels


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