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Lovely free downloadable content to develop your games even further. This treasure trove of world-expanding bonus features will be regularly updated by the smashing team here at Aconyte Books. You’ll find one-shot adventures, playable NPCs, new and exclusive short fiction, and much more besides.

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Aconyte Books US
Summer-Fall 2022 Catalog

Aconyte Books UK
Summer-Autumn 2022 Catalogue

Delve deeper into 1920s pulp mystery & horrors with sample chapters from our highly praised range.

Learn more about the heroes of Terrinoth as we descend deeper into the Legends of the Dark.

The Crucible is a strange and quirky planet with much more lore than the cards alone reveal. Play our one-shot for the Genesys System and check out the excerpts of stories we have to share with you.

Tales From the Crucible

Grand Theft Æmber - a KeyForge One Shot Adventure


Samurai and sorcery, political intrigue and Clan status await you in our selection of new short fiction, character RPG stats, and excerpts from novels of Rokugan.

The Daidoji Shin Mysteries

Daidoji Shin & Hiramori Kasami –  roleplaying character stats

Letter Format

A4 Format

Intergalactic empires fall, but one faction will rise from its ashes to conquer the galaxy, in this extraordinarily diverse epic space opera.

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