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Aconyte are currently OPEN for submissions to our ranges of tie-in fiction – but only for experienced writers, ideally with an existing track record of published tie-in fiction. In the first instance, if you’d like to be considered, please let us know you exist, and what you’ve done in the field to date. We’ll then contact people who we consider the best fit to write about a particular game world.

Meanwhile, we’re only currently looking for writers. Thank you for your interest, but we have no current need for editors, proofreaders, translators, or any production services. If we do need this sort of service in future, we’ll be sure to mention it here and via our social media.

What We’re After

There are just two fundamental rules, really: be true to the particular IP, and be any good.

Our approach will be to treat the particular world as a real place, a setting for exciting adventure stories. The boardgame adaption is just one interpretation of that reality in that chosen format; our novels will simply be another, following all the rules of great adventure fiction.


Great characters are crucial to us – they drive the story and help the reader connect with the universe. Therefore, your characters must be rounded, interesting and relatable, completely immersed in their universe. We don’t mind a touch of “Hollywood” – they are heroes, after all – but with some nuance please. We expect a diverse cast of characters who fully reflect the world that we live in; we expect all of our readers to feel represented in our stories.


Stories must be entertaining and well-developed. They should be fast-paced, with developments delivered through action and conversation. The plots may be classic in form, but with a new twist that will keep readers engaged. Most importantly from an IP perspective, everything important needs to be back in the box afterwards – no blowing up the universe or anything so drastic.


From sprawling fantasy realms to the small towns crawling with unseen horrors, to cyberpunk dystopian futures, the worlds we’re dealing with are incredibly varied. They all offer great opportunities for exploration and excitement, and all the stories should feel embedded within their universe. We don’t ever want death-by-infodump, but we do want the writing to reflect and explore its setting.

Technically Speaking

Our novels will run approx. 80-86k words. We’re not after anything drastically longer or shorter than that. In due course, we expect manuscripts to come in as emailed Word documents, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, with page numbers. We’ll provide our full style guide when we contract.

All deals will be work-for-hire, in return for both an advance and sales commission. Copyright in the text will be assigned to Asmodee, or the relevant owner in the case of a property owned by a third party. We are happy to deal with a literary agent or direct with you, but note that these terms are non-negotiable.

We welcome submissions from authors of all backgrounds, of course, but note that we’re only looking for books written in English.

Sign Up!

So, we’re looking for talented writers, ideally with a track record of writing gripping stories, who are punctual with deadlines, and are pleasant people to work with, able to take criticism and develop work to best fit the IPs.

If that all sounds like your sort of thing, we’d love you to register your interest right now. Please email us the following in a single document (Word doc or PDF only):

      • A brief CV and bibliography of your published writing.
      • A sample of your work, consisting of an extract from your favourite piece of published writing from the past 24 months (max 3-ish chapters/10k).


We’re happy for you to register to receive our information for your clients. Send your details on the form below.

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