Fall 2023 Titles Announcement

Fall 2023 Titles Announcement!

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner, but we are already thinking about falling leaves, cups of hot tea, and a crisp new book in hand.

We are so excited to not only share our entire Fall 2023 Titles list, but also officially reveal our first fall cover, The Soul Iuchiban, A Legend of the Five Rings Novel coming September 2023. Shout out to the incredible Larry Rostant for creating such a beautiful cover and of course author, Evan Dicken. All other covers will be shown off in due course, so keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter for first looks.

All titles you see below will soon be available from your favorite bookshops, game stores, and online retailers. To read more about each title, click on the image of the book.

Happy Reading from your favorite friendly fantasy publisher!


The Soul of Iuchiban, A Legend of the Five Rings Novel

by Evan Dicken

Heroic samurai must defeat an ancient evil unleashed upon the world, before its malign power
destroys the realm of Rokugan in this epic Legend of the Five Rings fantasy adventure. 


Moon Knight: Age of Anubis, A Marvel Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook

by Jonathan Green

Moon Knight stars in this brilliant new Marvel gamebook adventure of choice and chance, where
only the player can stop an evil ritual which controls the powers of life and death.

Marvel Multiverse Missions: Moon Knight - Age of Anubis by Jonathan Green


Terrinoth: The Art of Descent

edited by Matt Keefe

Stunning fantasy art and illustration from the fan-favorite world of Terrinoth, setting for the famed Descent series of tabletop games.

Terrinoth: The Art of Descent



The Hunger, A Marvel Zombies Novel

by Marsheila Rockwell

It’s up to a team of unlikely heroes to stop zombie Super Heroes and Super Villains from destroying the world in this time-travel horror adventure.

Marvel Zombies: The Hunger by Marsheila Rockwell


Welcome to Arkham: The Complete Guide to the World of Arkham Horror

edited by Matt Keefe

Explore the town of Arkham, setting for the beloved Arkham Horror series of tabletop games, in this comprehensive, fullcolor, hardcover guide to its people, places and strange goings on…

PTW Welcome to Arkham edited by Matt Keefe 3D Coming Soon Cover


Everybody Wins: Four Decades of the Greatest Board Games Ever Made (paperback)

by James Wallis

The revolution in tabletop gaming revealed and reviewed, in this entertaining and informative
look at 45 years of awardwinning games now in an updated softcover edition.



The Bootlegger’s Dance, An Arkham Horror Novel

by Rosemary Jones

Christmas comes to Arkham Horror in this actionpacked eldritch adventure full of secret whispers, haunted streets, and a lost actor falling through time.

Arkham Horror: The Bootlegger's Dance by Rosemary Jones


What Board Games Mean to Me

edited by Donna Gregory

Celebrating the role that board games hold in our lives, Alist celebrities, industry professionals,
and lifelong gamers share the remarkable and personal stories of their profound love for gaming.


What Board Games Mean to Me compiled by Donna Gregory



Twilight Wars: Empire Falling, A Twilight Imperium Novel

by Robbie MacNiven

An impending war will annihilate an empire and plunge the galaxy into millennia of darkness, in
the first volume of an epic new space opera trilogy from Twilight Imperium.


Twilight Imperium: Empire Falling by Robbie MacNiven


Do or Die, A Zombicide Novel

by Josh Reynolds

Zombies, cannibalistic swampdwellers, and undead alligators munch on anything that moves in
this actionsoaked gorefest from the popular Zombicide boardgame.

Zombicide: Do or Die by Josh Reynolds


Shores of a New Horizon, A Terraforming Mars Novel

by Darusha M Wehm

The future of Terraforming Mars draws nearer in this bold science fiction thriller of progress and hope, set in the universe of the award-winning boardgame.

Terraforming Mars: Shores of a New Horizon by M Darusha Wehm


Coming 2023

Daughter of No One, An Assassin’s Creed Mirage Novel

by Maria Lewis

Master Assassin Roshan’s past is revealed in the hunt along the Silk Road for a powerful
mysterious artifact in this essential Assassin’s Creed adventure.


Assassin's Creed: Daughter of No One by Maria Lewis


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Fall 2023 Titles Announcement


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