Spring 2024 Aconyte Titles Announced!

We know it’s still summer and scorching hot for most of us, but we are already dreaming of spring. A time for warmer weather, flowers blooming again, birds and other animals emerging, and the days are longer… Which of course gives us all more time to read! With that, we are here to share with you our new titles for Spring 2024! Check out our list below and you might notice that we’ve dedicated March to Arkham Horror with lots of new content and even a new story with Alessandra Zorzi!

We are also excited to officially reveal our first Spring cover for Shores of a New Horizon, A Terraforming Mars Novel coming January 2024. Written by the incredible M Darusha Wehm with cover art designed by Rene Aigner.

The rest of our covers will be shown off in due course, so keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter for first looks!

All titles you see below will soon be available from your favorite bookshops, game stores, and online retailers. To read more about each title of the book.

Happy Reading from your favorite friendly fantasy publisher!


Shores of a New Horizon, A Terraforming Mars Novel

by M Darusha Wehm

After a century of struggle, the terraforming of Mars was intended to bring peace and prosperity to the colonists of the Red Planet, but while the planet may be livable, humans bring their own chaos. When a contaminated ice asteroid puts water supplies in peril, the dreams of its citizens quickly begin to shatter.


Tom Clancy’s The Division: Hunted

by Thomas Parrott

Division Agent Maira Kanhai has gone rogue and poses an apocalyptic threat to the Division, unless her former friend Brenda Wells can prove her innocence before the Division eliminates her first, in this riproaring instalment of the Operation Crossroads series set in the American Southwest.




The Market of 100 Fortunes, A Legend of the Five Rings Novel

by Marie Brennan

Asako Sekken and Agasha no Isao Ryotora are finally getting married… Until an old ally unexpectedly arrives dragging them into this enthralling fantasy mystery from the world of Legend of the Five Rings. They must risk everything to rescue an old friend from the clutches of a shadowy trickster.



Death System, A Zombicide Invader Novel

by S.A. Sidor

Military pilot, Shawna Bright, must land a getaway ship during a prison break, but when they are forced to land on Xeno-ridden planet, PK-17, she must survive alien zombies and a crew full of dangers criminals. Shawn must concoct a deadly plan and wreak havoc across the universe in this nonstop actionadventure from Zombicide: Invader!



Welcome to Arkham: An Illustrated Guide for Visitors

by AP Klosky & Matt Keefe

It is the Roaring Twenties. Prohibition has the nation’s attention, and the sleepy town of Arkham is no different, except something strange is stirring – for those who look, the signs are there… For the first time, Arkham takes center stage in this lavish, full color, illustrated hardcover. From Miskatonic University, to Nightingale Club and the Silver Twilight Lodge, see in detail, the bringing to life of the immersive, distinctive world of Arkham Horror.



Song of Carcosa, An Arkham Horror Novel

by Josh Reynolds

Reformed thief, Alessandra Zorzi, returns to Venice to take on a sinister society threatening to tear the fabric of this world apart, and her friend Pepper, in this daring noirthriller from the bestselling world of Arkham Horror.




Art of Arkham Horror Poster Book

by Aconyte Books

For the first time, 24 of the most iconic pieces of Arkham Horror art are brought together in an oversized 11″ x 16′ poster book. Featuring specially selected box covers, game art, and unique poster designs, 24 sheets are lightly bound so they can easily be removed from the book and mounted or framed. 



The Darkness Over Arkham, An Arkham Horror Gamebook

by Jonathan Green

You are an Arkham Investigator your choices will decide the outcome of a terrible murder mystery and a sinister plot threatening Arkham in this brand-new gamebook adventure in the world of Arkham Horror.



Secrets & Sacrifices

by Cath Lauria

We are thrilled to be starting a new and exciting series from a super-secret new partner. We can’t say anything more right now, but stay tuned in the coming days to find out more! 

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