Summer 2024 Aconyte Titles Announced!

It’s time to heat up your summer with Aconyte! Whether you’re by the pool sipping on a cold beverage, or at the beach with your toes in the sand, beat the heat and enjoy our new titles for Summer 2024!

Keep an eye on July, as we are so excited to release our very first Call of Cthulhu Gaslight novel from Chaosium! We are also continuing Carl Sanford’s story in a new Arkham Horror novel from Tim Pratt!

Also, for all of our Zombicide fans, we have our very first cover of the summer season with City of the Undead, A Zombicide Black Plague Novel coming May 2024. Written by the incredible C L Werner with cover art by Dany Orizio.

The rest of our covers will be shown off in due course, so keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter for first looks!

All titles you see below will soon be available to order from your favorite bookshops, game stores, and online retailers. To read more about each title, simply click on the book.

Happy reading from your favorite friendly fantasy publisher!


City of the Undead, A Zombicide Black Plague Novel

by C L Werner

A group of unlikely heroes are all that stand in the way of humanity’s demise as the zombie apocalypse engulfs the kingdom in this high fantasy adventure set in the world of Zombicide: Black Plague.

ZOM City of the Undead by CL Werner Cover


The Legend of the Five Rings Poster Book

by Aconyte Books

Fan-favorite art from the iconic Japanese-inspired fantasy realms of The Legend of the Five Rings tabletop games, presented as beautiful pull-out and frameable posters.

L5R Poster Book Cover


Herald of Ruin, An Arkham Horror Novel

by Tim Pratt

The enigmatic Carl Sanford is the master of all things occult in Arkham, until a charismatic newcomer threatens to take everything away from him in this dark mystery set in the world of Arkham Horror.

ARK Herald of Ruin by Tim Pratt Cover

The Shadow on the Glass, A Call of Cthulhu Gaslight Novel

by Jonathan L Howard

When two spiritist swindlers accidentally summon something horrific from beyond the stars, they must thwart a sinister time-spanning plot, in this first Victorian-era gaslight fantasy set in the world of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu.


CCG The Shadow on the Glass by Jonathan L Howard Cover


A Bitter Taste, A Legend of the Five Rings Novel

by Josh Reynolds

Gentleman sleuth Daidoji Shin faces his trickiest case yet when he finds himself being framed for murder in this captivating cozy fantasy mystery from The Legend of the Five Rings.

L5R A Bitter Taste by Josh Reynolds Cover

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