Summer 23 Titles Announced!

With the holidays in full swing, we here at Aconyte are already thinking about summer.

Here is a sneak peek at the titles coming to bookshops, game stores, and online retailers in the summer of 2023. These titles will be available online very shortly as well as with your favorite bookshop to pre-order. Head to the book page to find out where to pre-order quickly and easily.

Marvel and Ubisoft covers will be shown off in due course, as they like to show off our gorgeous covers themselves, so keep an eye on their social media channels for that first look.

To read more about each title listed below, click on the image of the book.

Happy Reading from your favorite friendly fantasy tie-in publisher!


Marvel School of X: The Phoenix Chase

The X-Men confront space pirates and intergalactic war in this stunning space adventure featuring Kid Omega and a quest for the legendary powers of the Phoenix Force. (On Sale May 2023)

XAV The Phoenix Chase by Neil Kleid 3D Coming Soon Cover

Marvel Heroines: Mockingbird: Strike Out

S.H.I.E.L.D. super-spy Bobbi Morse spreads her wings and dives into a brand-new espionage thriller from Marvel Heroines. (On Sale June 2023)

HER Mockingbird: Strike Out by Maria Lewis 3D Coming Soon Cover

Marvel Wastelanders: Star-Lord

The Guardians of the Galaxy return to Earth to save the world from Doctor Doom in this exhilarating novelization of the acclaimed Marvel audio drama. (On Sale July 2023)

MWL Star-Lord by Sarah Cawkwell 3D Coming Soon Cover

Marvel Zombies: The Hunger

It’s up to a team of unlikely heroes to stop zombie Super Heroes and Super Villains from destroying the world in this time-travel horror adventure. (On Sale August 2023)

MZM The Hunger Marsheila Rockwell 3D Coming Soon Cover

Ubisoft logo

Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot

DedSec’s investigation into competing cyber-gangs unearths a shocking plot that will send the world reeling into chaos, in this heart-racing thriller from Watch Dogs Legion. (On Sale June 2023)

WAT Cold Reboot by Robbie MacNiven 3D Coming Soon Cover

Assassin’s Creed: The Resurrection Plot

The conspiracies of the Templars reverberate across nineteenth century Europe as they seize control of the future, and only the Brotherhood of Assassins can hold them back, in this globetrotting adventure from Assassin’s Creed. (On Sale July 2023)

UAC The Resurrection Plot by Kate Heartfield 3D Coming Soon Cover

Check out our first original Assassin’s Creed novel, The Magus Conspiracy, by Kate Heartfield

Welcome to Arkham: The Complete Guide to the World of Arkham Horror

Explore the town of Arkham, setting for the beloved Arkham Horror series of tabletop games, in this comprehensive, fullcolor, hardcover guide to its people, places and strange goings on… (On Sale July 2023)

PTW Welcome to Arkham edited by Matt Keefe 3D Coming Soon Cover

Arkham Horror: The Ravening Deep

A nightmarish power unleashed from the depths infiltrates Arkham in this nautical-horror pulp adventure from the acclaimed Arkham Horror game world. (On Sale August 2023)

Arkham Horror: The Ravening Deep by Tim Pratt

Terrinoth: The Art of Descent

Stunning fantasy art and illustration from the fan-favorite world of Terrinoth, setting for the famed Descent series of tabletop games. (On Sale June 2023)

PTW Terrinoth Compiled by Matt Keefe 3D Coming Soon Cover

Descent: Legends of the Dark: Dreams of Fire

A wandering outcast must reconcile their brutal past and their need for vengeance in this action-packed fantasy novel from Descent: Legends of the Dark. (On Sale August 2023)

Descent, Legends of the Dark: Dreams of Fire by Davide Mana

Legend of the Five Rings: Three Oaths

Legend of the Five Rings’ debonair samurai detective Daidoji Shin returns to solve the fresh mystery of a surprise resurrection. (On Sale July 2023)

Legend of the Five Rings: Three Oaths by Josh Reynolds

Zombicide Black Plague: Isle of the Undead

Necromancers and dragons stand between a heroic knight and victory over the zombie outbreak chewing its way through the fantasy realm of Zombicide Black Plague. (On Sale May 2023)

Zombicide Black Plague: Isle of the Undead by C L Werner



Marvel School of X: The Phoenix ChaseNeil Kleid
Zombicide Black Plague: Isle of the UndeadCL Werner


Watch Dogs Legion: Cold RebootRobbie MacNiven
Marvel Heroines: Mockingbird: Strike OutMaria Lewis
Terrinoth: The Art of DescentMatt Keefe


Marvel Wastelanders: Star-LordSarah Cawkwell
Legend of the Five Rings: Three OathsJosh Reynolds
Assassin’s Creed: The Resurrection PlotKate Heartfield
Welcome to Arkham: The Complete Guide to the World of Arkham HorrorMatt Keefe


Arkham Horror: The Ravening DeepTim Pratt
Marvel Zombies: The HungerMarsheila Rockwell
Descent, Legends of the Dark: Dreams of FireDavide Mana

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