Death System

A Zombicide Invader Novel

Death System

A Zombicide Invader Novel

By S A Sidor

Cybernetically enhanced zombie-aliens want to devour the universe and only a crack team of murderous misfits can stop them, in this non-stop action-adventure from Zombicide: Invader

When decorated military pilot Shawna Bright is convicted of a heinous crime and incarcerated, she is determined to prove her innocence. However, flying the getaway ship during a prison break wrecks that hope. Forced to land on the terrifying Xeno-ridden planet, PK-L7, Shawna must survive both ravenous alien-zombies and a crew of dangerous criminals. When they discover Xenos with cybernetic implants, Shawna uncovers a deadly plan to wreak havoc across the universe. She must do everything in her power to stop it… even if she goes down in history as one of the bad guys.

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“SCIENCE! In the pursuit of ever greater levels of productivity, Man has twisted plants and animals to his own ends. In so doing, we inadvertently changed ourselves. Now, shambling killing machines roam the ruins of our world. The time has come for… ZOMBICIDE!”

The zombie apocalypse is here – and you’re stuck right in the middle of it. With undead hordes on every side, the survivors must band together to fight back against the lurching, brain-hungry menace. Pick your weapons and get stuck in. It’s going to get messy…

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Publication Details

Page Count: 352pp
Cover Art: Rafael Teruel
Genre: Horror and Science Fiction

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: February 20, 2024
UK On Sale Date: April 25, 2024
Paperback ISBN: 9781839082825
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: February 20, 2024
ebook ISBN: 9781839082832


Global On Sale: February 20, 2024
ISBN: 9798350898668

About the Author

S A SIDOR is the author of four dark crime thrillers and more recently two splendid supernatural-pulp adventures, Fury From the Tomb and The Beast of Nightfall Lodge. He lives near Chicago with his family.

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Praise for Zombicide: Invader

“Cath Lauria clearly knows her way around a good horror thriller because this ticks all the boxes and then some.”

What You Tolkien About, on Terror World

 “Waggoner seems to have written a love letter to some of the truly great sci-fi horror stories with this book, and fans of the genre are going to find a lot to enjoy here.”

Trans-Scribe, on Planet Havoc

Global Ebook On Sale: February 20, 2024
US Paperback On Sale: February 20, 2024
UK Paperback On Sale: April 25, 2024
Global Audiobook On Sale: February 20, 2024

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