The Game of 100 Candles

A Legend of the Five Rings Novel

The Game of 100 Candles

A Legend of the Five Rings Novel

By Marie Brennan

Two samurai risk their hearts, souls, and their very existence to stop an occult phantom from destroying the world, in this stunning supernatural fantasy from Legend of the Five Rings

The demon-vanquishing samurai, Asako Sekken and Agasha no Isao Ryōtora are summoned to Winter Court. Their exploits with the Spirit Realms have taken a toll on the pair and the cut and thrust of Rokugani politics proves challenging. After being urged to share their tales of adventure, the Winter Court guests begin to fall into a deep sleep from which they cannot wake. Fearing foul play, the Phoenix demand retribution, but Sekken and Ryōtora uncover the hand of a supernatural trickster seeking entry to the mortal realm. The path to victory will risk their lives and the strange bond between them. But they must succeed, lest something awful escape into Rokugan.

Legend of the Five Rings

The realm of Rokugan: a land of samurai and mystics, mad dragons and divine beings – a land where honor is stronger than steel. The clans have defended and served the Emperor for a thousand years both on the battlefield and in Rokugan’s courts. While conflict and political intrigue divides the clans, the true threat awaits in the darkness of the Shadowlands, behind the vast Kaiu Wall. There, in the twisted wastelands, an evil corruption endlessly seeks the downfall of the empire. The rules of Rokugan’s society are absolute, and the Great Clans must always maintain their honor, lest they lose everything in the pursuit of glory.

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Page Count: 352pp
Cover Art: Shen Fei
Genre: Fantasy

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: February 21, 2023
UK On Sale Date: April 27, 2023
Paperback ISBN: 9781839082153
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: February 21, 2023
ebook ISBN: 9781839082160


Global On Sale: February 21, 2023
ISBN: 9798350800944

MARIE BRENNAN is a former anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for inspiration. She recently misapplied her professors’ hard work to The Night Parade of 100 Demons and the short novel Driftwood. She is the author of the Hugo Award-nominated Victorian adventure series The Memoirs of Lady Trent along with several other series, over seventy short stories, and the New Worlds series of worldbuilding guides; as half of M.A. Carrick, she has written the epic Rook and Rose trilogy, beginning with The Mask of Mirrors.

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Praise for Marie Brennan

“An entertaining and impactful read, that went far beyond its supernatural elements to create a very human, emotional story.”

Beneath a Thousand Skies, on The Night Parade of 100 Demons

“The fascinating and rather beautiful way that Marie has presented the culture and world of Rokugan drew me in and kept me turning the page.”

Big Geordie Geek, on The Night Parade of 100 Demons


L5R The Game of One Hundred Candles by Marie Brennan cover 3d

Global Ebook On Sale: February 21, 2023
US Paperback On Sale: February 21, 2023
UK Paperback On Sale: April 27, 2023
Global Audiobook On Sale: February 21, 2023

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L5R The Game of One Hundred Candles by Marie Brennan cover 3d