Descent: The Gates of Thelgrim by Robbie MacNiven

The Gates of Thelgrim

A Descent: Legends of the Dark Novel

The Gates of Thelgrim

A Descent: Legends of the Dark Novel

By Robbie MacNiven

A reluctant trio are forced to investigate a mystery city, but in doing so find themselves fighting a demonic atrocity, in this staggering action novel set in the epic fantasy Descent games.

When three separate adventurers are hired to investigate the recent sealing of Thelgrim, the great Dunwarr dwarf city, all three have misgivings. One is a wanted criminal and the other two have no wish to work together – but when the money is this good, it’s hard to refuse. As the three head to Thelgrim by secret path, none of them know what awaits them. Terrinoth is in upheaval: new threats are rising, and this one comes from the dark.

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Terrinoth: an ancient realm of forgotten greatness and faded legacies, of magic and monsters, heroes, and tyrants. Its cities were ruined and their secrets lost as terrifying dragons, undead armies, and demon-possessed hordes ravaged the land. Over centuries, the realm slipped into gloom… Now, the world is reawakening – the Baronies of Daqan rebuild their domains, wizards master lapsed arts, and champions test their mettle. Banding together to explore the dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons, and cursed forests of Terrinoth, they unearth priceless treasures and terrible foes. Yet time is running out, for in the shadows a malevolent force has grown, preparing to spread evil across the world. Now, when the land needs them most, is the moment for its heroes to rise.

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Publication Details

Page Count: 352pp
Cover Art: Jeff Chen
Genre: Fantasy

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: October 12, 2021
UK On Sale Date: February 17, 2022
Paperback ISBN: 9781839080982
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: October 5, 2021
ebook ISBN: 9781839080999


Global On Sale: March 8, 2022
ISBN: 9781666190946

About the Author

ROBBIE MacNIVEN hails from the highlands of Scotland. A lifelong fan of sci-fi and fantasy, he has had over a dozen novels published in settings ranging from Marvel’s X-Men, to Descent: Legends of the Dark, to Warhammer 40,000. Having completed a doctorate in Military History from the University of Edinburgh in 2020, he also possesses a keen interest in the past. His hobbies include historical re-enacting and making eight-hour round trips every second weekend to watch Rangers FC.

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Interviews and Articles

“But a fun romp with an unlikely band of adventurers through dangerous depths is the aim of the game, so hopefully that’s what readers enjoy.”

– Robbie MacNiven



“I would very strongly recommend this book to any fantasy fan because it hits all the right notes, and is a great standalone book with little dependency on any previous knowledge of the franchise.”
Big Geordie Geek

“From the start I was hooked, as is nearly always the case with these books. The characterization was brilliant. Anyone who enjoys Descent, Tabletop RPGs or Fantasy would, I believe, instantly be intrigued and hooked.”

– What You Tolkien About

“Expertly-written and populated with some of the most memorable characters in a fantasy novel that I’ve read in quite some time, and imbued with a bold, thought-provoking and often surprising narrative, with an emotionally powerful ending that’s akin to a fist in the gut.”
– SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer, on The Doom of Fallowhearth

“Great character work is delivered over the course of a plot that starts off slowly, introducing characters, ideas and locations, then explodes into action and never lets up. MacNiven maintains a tone throughout that’s brilliantly appropriate to this world – First Team really does feel like an X-Men story pulled straight from the Marvel archive.”
– Track of Words, on First Team

“This is a tight, fun little read that feels incredibly fresh… This utterly drips with comic book energy.”
– The Omniplex, on First Team

Descent: The Gates of Thelgrim by Robbie MacNiven

Global Ebook On Sale: October 5, 2021
US Paperback On Sale: October 12, 2021
UK Paperback On Sale: February 17, 2022
Global Audiobook On Sale: March 8, 2022

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Descent: The Gates of Thelgrim by Robbie MacNiven