Descent: The Shield of Daqan by David Guymer

The Shield of Daqan

A Descent: Journeys in the Dark Novel

The Shield of Daqan

A Descent: Journeys in the Dark Novel

By David Guymer

Mighty warriors fight to save the realm from blood magic and evil, in this battle-soaked epic fantasy novel, from the hugely popular Descent games

The once-glorious Barony of Kell is a ruin of its former self, assailed by banditry and famine; its noble Baron Frederic is caught between saving his people and defending his borders. Yet worse is to come… for a new Darkness is rising. Sadistic warrior-priestess, Ne’Krul, spying an opportunity to wreak bloody vengeance on behalf of her demonic masters, leads her Uthuk warband into a brutal invasion. Kell’s only hope lies in holy warrior, Andira Runehand, and legendary hero, Trenloe the Strong, both drawn to Kell to defeat an alliance of evil unprecedented in Terrinoth. They must not fail.

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Terrinoth: an ancient realm of forgotten greatness and faded legacies, of magic and monsters, heroes, and tyrants. Its cities were ruined and their secrets lost as terrifying dragons, undead armies, and demon-possessed hordes ravaged the land. Over centuries, the realm slipped into gloom… Now, the world is reawakening – the Baronies of Daqan rebuild their domains, wizards master lapsed arts, and champions test their mettle. Banding together to explore the dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons, and cursed forests of Terrinoth, they unearth priceless treasures and terrible foes. Yet time is running out, for in the shadows a malevolent force has grown, preparing to spread evil across the world. Now, when the land needs them most, is the moment for its heroes to rise.

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Publication Details

Page Count: 352pp
Cover Art: Jeff Chen
Genre: Fantasy

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: February 2, 2021
UK On Sale Date: May 27, 2021
Paperback ISBN: 9781839080296
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: February 2, 2021
ebook ISBN: 9781839080302


Global On Sale: February 8, 2022
ISBN: 9781666190809

About the Author

David Guymer is a scientist-turned science fiction and fantasy author from the north of England. His work includes many novels in the WarhammerWarhammer 40,000, and Marvel universes, notably Dark Avengers: The Patriot List, the bestselling audio production Realmslayer, and Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods, which has since been adapted into an animated TV series. He has also contributed to fantastical worlds in video games, tabletop RPGs, and board games.

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Interviews and Articles

“Coming in fresh was really liberating. It felt like I had a bit of license to create new lore and explore how the world operates beyond the dungeon-crawling remit of the board game.”
Paul Semel,

“Sometimes the most creative thoughts come when you’ve been given a few constraints to narrow your wilder flights of fantasy down a little bit. Within the headline pitch of “Heroes battle to save Kell,” or whatever, there is still plenty of invention to be done and stories to tell.”
Track of Words, Interview with David Guymer, author of The Shield of Daqan


“It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s literally dripping with personality, and what’s more, you need absolutely zero knowledge of the setting. This is a perfect franchise genre novel in my opinion.”
Big Geordie Geek

“★★★★★ The Shield of Daqan is quite honestly, one of the best books I’ve had the pleasure to read this year… It’s an epic tale of sword and sorcery set in a captivating new world to explore.”
Eternal Bookcase

The Shield of Daqan is yet another great example of a Guymer story, which means that it’s fun, that’s it’s exciting, that it has characters with personality, that it moves rapidly – taking you to interesting places to see interesting things… Maybe this says something more about me than it does anything else, but I can’t remember the last time I read a book with such legitimately heroic heroes. It’s something I didn’t know I was missing, but I was thrilled.”
The Mortal Realms

“Fantastic, action packed, emotional, and felt like the last time you get to see an old friend.”
– Bell of Lost Souls

“Brilliant and appropriately tragic.”
– Civilian Reader

“Brilliant and appropriately tragic.”
– Civilian Reader

Descent: The Shield of Daqan by David Guymer

Global Ebook On Sale: February 2, 2021
US Paperback On Sale: February 2, 2021
UK Paperback On Sale: May 27, 2021
Global Audiobook On Sale: February 8, 2022

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Descent: The Shield of Daqan by David Guymer