Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot by Robbie MacNiven

Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot

Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot

By Robbie MacNiven

DedSec’s investigation into competing cyber-gangs unearths a shocking plot that will send the world reeling into chaos, in this heart-racing thriller from Watch Dogs Legion

Freya Bauer’s revolutionary fervor has dimmed with age, but just as she’s about to hang up her DedSec mask, she’s recruited for one last mission to Berlin… with her ex-husband of all people. Yet upon her arrival in Germany, a series of betrayals mean she’s suddenly unable to distinguish between friends and foes.

Meanwhile, Freya’s past has caught up with her – in the form of a mysterious hitman determined to take out the Bauer family in London. However, if he can’t immediately remove Freya from the board, her son might be the next best thing. Freya must navigate competing tech-gangs, reconcile with her ex, and save her son before everything she loves is destroyed.

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Watch Dogs Legion®

Set in a darkly dystopian London just a few years from now, the game and the prequel novel, Day Zero, reveal how the sinister forces vying to control the nation are opposed by a secretive band of hackers and activists known as DedSec. The novel follows one would-be hacker as he witnesses a savage murder and is then drawn ever deeper a conspiracy that threatens the entire city. Authentically steeped in London culture and crammed full with fast-paced action, the novel acts as a direct prequel to the events of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla®

The latest instalment of the world-famous Assassin’s Creed® game line brings the focus to the Viking era. Discover the epic tale of Geirmund Hel-Hide, a man determined to prove his worth as a Viking and a warrior in Geirmund’s Saga. A perilous journey across the sea brings him into contact with a being out of myth and grants him a mysterious ring that promises both great power and bitter betrayal.

Assassin’s Creed®  Chronicles: China

China, 1526. The Ming dynasty begins to crumble. Shao Jun, the last remaining Assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood, returns to her homeland with a vendetta. Newly trained by the legendary Ezio Auditore, she is hell-bent to exact vengeance and restore her fallen brotherhood.
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Publication Details

Page Count: 352pp
Cover Art: Martín M Barbudo
Genre: Science Fiction

Paperback edition

US On Sale Date: June 20, 2023
UK On Sale Date: August 3, 2023
Paperback ISBN: 9781839082238
Paperback Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

Ebook edition

Global Ebook On Sale Date: June 20, 2023
ebook ISBN: 9781839082245


Global On Sale: June 6, 2023
ISBN: 9798350822403

About the Author

ROBBIE MacNIVEN hails from the highlands of Scotland. A lifelong fan of sci-fi and fantasy, he has had over a dozen novels published in settings ranging from Marvel’s X-Men, to Descent: Legends of the Dark, to Warhammer 40,000. Having completed a doctorate in Military History from the University of Edinburgh in 2020, he also possesses a keen interest in the past. His hobbies include historical re-enacting and making eight-hour round trips every second weekend to watch Rangers FC.

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Interviews and Articles

“Cold Reboot is an exciting, intriguing read.”
Kara Dennison

“If you are looking for a fast-paced, pulse-pounding thriller this one is for you.”
What You Tolkien About

“Another great entry in the Watch Dogs Legion series, it had what I enjoyed about the game and did it well.”
Kathryn’s Book Review

Praise for Aconyte’s Watchdogs Series

“This book is brilliant, let me tell you why… If you’re looking for something that expands the lore of Watch Dogs whilst directly connecting with the start of Watch Dogs Legion then you won’t get better than this.”

Nutronic Gaming, on Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero

“Structurally, it’s masterfully written, explaining the world and painting enough of a picture to let our minds do the rest. The characters feel real, and the plot is relentless with its twists and turns, leaving us satisfied and wanting more. If you’re a Watch Dogs fan, I can’t recommend this book enough.”

The Media Raptor, on Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero

Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot by Robbie MacNiven

Global Ebook On Sale: June 20, 2023
US Paperback On Sale: June 20, 2023
UK Paperback On Sale: August 3, 2023
Global Audiobook On Sale: June 6, 2023

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Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot by Robbie MacNiven