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Publisher (ie boss) of Aconyte Books. A sci-fi / fantasy lifer, previously known for running Angry Robot,­ Games Workshop’s Black Library, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, as well as dozens of books and games. Still insists that the best thing he ever worked on was a Sonic the Hedgehog novel. Lives in Nottingham, but often to be found at the top of somewhere breezy in the Peak District with his beloved.

Favourite mollusc: the colossal squid.



Lottie is a bibliophile who took a wrong turn in the wardrobe and ended up as an editor – luckily it was the best choice she ever made. She’s a geek and fangirl with an addiction to unicorns, ice hockey and ice cream.

Favourite dinosaur: the diplodocus.



A book dragon from the beginning, Gwen has amassed a hoard of science fiction and fantasy stories and is always hungry for the next tale to devour. Once upon a time, she’d been a marine biologist, but through a series of events, has ended up as an editor. Like Sasquatch, she can be found somewhere in the Rocky Mountains writing her next novel, researching things that go bump in the night, and taking the road less traveled.

Favourite shark: thresher.

Donna Gregory


Play to Win

A lifelong hobby gamer with a predilection for customising board game sets, Donna spent two decades editing non-board game books before realising she could combine her passion and her profession and edit books about games. Loves dinosaurs, biscuits, and the wild weather of the western Scottish coast where she lives.

Favourite whale: narwhal.

Jack Doddy



The real world is hard. Thus, Jack chooses to live perpetually in games and novels. From sci-fi to fantasy, from tabletop to video, it’s all fine as long as he doesn’t have to acknowledge reality. Within Aconyte, he performs administrative tasks and supports all aspects of book production.

Favourite class: Game Master.
North American Sales Manager, Joe Riley


North American
Sales & Marketing Director

Joe has worked for over 25 years in the publishing industry at Hazelden Publishing, 1517 Media, and North Star Editions and has done everything from foreign and domestic rights, domestic and international sales and marketing to ensure the forecast is over plan and expenses are under budget. Joe enjoys a good beer and a good book (not necessarily in that order) and is a lifelong fan of RPG games.

Favourite RPG weapon: Halberd.

Ashley Stephens


Book Marketing
& Publicity Manager

Ashley has worked in the entertainment business for most of her career. From walking red carpets with your favorite WWE Superstar, or premiere’s of the latest Star Wars or Marvel film, she has done it all… Except publishing that is. She’s new to publishing and loving every second of it! Though she loves American football (and can beat you in fantasy), she knew she was a nerd the first time she saw Lord of the Rings. She loves all things dragons (yes she’s obsessed with Game of Thrones), vampires and elves! When she’s not hard at work, she’s taking a snooze next to five snoring dogs, watching a movie, or football, or jet-setting to some exotic locale with her husband Michael.

Favourite elf: Legolas.



Internal and external book design, but also fills in the gaps between words with systems and webstuff. He lives happily detached from reality, in a largely imaginary domestic world of cats, science fiction & fantasy, LEGO, and improvisation with MissImp. Creator of The Improvised Star Wars Show, and occasional Nanowrimo winner.

Favourite Lego minifigure (today): Portal Emperor.

Our Lovely Office​

Asmodee Entertainment is based in an amazing building in Nottingham, England. The Star Brewery opened in 1852, producing beer for Shipstones until 1991. Now it contains us (and a range of other businesses). It’s a pretty cool home, featuring four-foot thick walls and more metal stairs than you can imagine.

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