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ACONYTE is the novels division of Asmodee Entertainment, to deliver on the Asmodee slogan: “Great games, amazing stories!”, and to create new and exciting content to be leveraged on further entertainment platforms as we strive to create truly global brands.

Our goal is to become the go-to partners for tie-in fiction for all the best pop-culture IPs.

We’re the storytellers, the world explorers, the entertainers.

To helm the imprint, Asmodee Entertainment has hired Marc Gascoigne, lately publisher & MD of award-winning global sci-fi imprint Angry Robot. He’s hired assistant editor, Lottie-Llewelyn-Wells, and publishing coordinator, Nick Tyler, to join him in new offices in Nottingham, UK.

Aconyte will start publishing in early summer 2020, producing paperbacks and ebooks for the US, UK and export markets. As well as a range of fiction based on Asmodee’s properties, Aconyte are also concluding deals to explore a number of third-party IPs, with more planned.

real worlds

Our novels are rich and entrancing, offering a deep immersive experience, going deeper.

modern heroes

Characters are relatable and heroic, but never shallow.
Plots are classic… until the sudden twist in the tale that keeps you reading.

great books

High quality, well-written and developed, with suitably lovely covers and printing – able to sit alongside the best fantasy, SF and thrillers on the bestseller shelves.

Spectacular Novels Arriving in 2020

Great Games, Amazing Stories

Asmodee Group is a leading international games publisher and distributor committed to telling amazing stories through great games with over 34 million games sold in more than 50 countries. Through our portfolio of iconic game titles, including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Splendor, KeyForge, Dobble/Spot it! and Star Wars: X-Wing, we create a dynamic transmedia experience for players across a variety of digital and physical platforms. Asmodee also creates inspiring and innovative products in partnership with leading entertainment and technology companies. Asmodee operates in Europe, North America, South America and Asia and is headquartered in Guyancourt, France.

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